Library Services for Users with Special Needs


The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies Library aims to ensure that all users can benefit fully from our services and facilities. We are happy to offer support to any users with a disability or a specific learning difficulty, and are committed to reviewing and improving these services.

Charles Clore House is situated on the corner of Bedford Way and Russell Sq. Access to the ground floor reception is by the stairs. However, if you are unable to use the stairs there is a ramp that is at pavement level leading to an alternative entrance below these stairs. By pressing the bell push to the right of the door an attendant will be called who will open the door and give further assistance if required. There are two lifts available from this floor (L1) which provide access to all other floors within the building.  There is a dedicated toilet provided for wheel chair users which is situated on Floor L1. If you require any other help do not hesitate to ask a member of the IALS staff. 

Library Contacts

If you have indicated special needs requirements you will be invited to discuss your needs with a member of the Academic Services team who will be able to advise and assist you with your use of library services. Please contact one of the following:

Katherine Read
Tel: 020 7862 5826

Laura Griffiths (Academic Services Librarian)
Tel: 020 7862 5820

Services Available to Users with Special Needs

Extended loan periods

Any of our library contacts can arrange for double the usual loan period for the books you wish to borrow

6 hours for Short Loan items (instead of the usual 3 hours)

48 hours for Normal Loan items (instead of the usual 24 hours)

Book fetching service

Any of our library contacts can arrange for library staff to collect books and journals from the shelves for you.

A minimum of 24 hours is required on each occasion

Requests may be made at the Issue/Enquiry desk or by phone or email

Study support helper

If required you may nominate a friend or colleague to be your study support helper. This person may have full use of the library and borrow books on your behalf. For more details, please ask one of our library contacts.

One-to-one mediated searches and research help

If you require help with searching our databases or more generally with your research, Academic Services staff will be happy to help you. You can request help at the Issue/Enquiry desk or by phone or email.

Provision of an induction loop

An induction loop has been installed at the library enquiry/issue desk for any visitors who may require it.

Large print copies of library guides

Please ask at the Issue/Enquiry desk if you would like a large print copy of any of the guides.

Assistive Technology

If required, any of our library contacts can arrange access to the following assistive technology:

A laptop equipped with Jaws display magnification and speech software plus a set of accompanying headphones

A CCTV print magnification machine for use with print material

School of Advanced Study Disability Statement

Further information can be found on the School of Advanced Study website  at

Page last updated: 16th February 2016