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The Advisory Committee on Legal Education (ACLE) was established in 1971 by the Senate of the Four Inns of Court in conjunction with the Law Society. It came into being as a result of the recommendations of the Ormrod Committee, which concluded that communication between the profession and the various Law faculties and departments was inadequate. Its brief was to consult with and advise the Senate of the Four Inns, the Law Society and the universities, polytechnics and colleges of further education on all matters affecting the education and training of candidates for entry to the legal profession. During its lifetime the Committee prepared several reports on legal education. Copies will be found in most Law Libraries.

The Committee's membership comprised a Chairman nominated by the Lord Chancellor, four members of the Inns of Court, four members of the Law Society and eight representatives of law teachers from the the universities, polytechnics and colleges of further education. The law teachers were usually nominated by the ALT and the SPTL.

Dr Marsh was a member of ACLE from its inception until 1988, representing the ALT. The papers listed below consist of his copies of Committee minutes and papers. Some are annotated. The records are closed for 30 years in accordance with the regulations of the General Council of the Bar and the Law Society.

Ref Dates Description

A.MARSH 2/1 June 1980 - ACLE agenda, minutes and papers, 47th- Nov 1981 51st meetings

A.MARSH 2/2 Mar - July 1983 Agenda, minutes and papers, 52nd-54th meetings

A.MARSH 2/3 Nov 1983 - Agenda, minutes and papers, 55nd-57th July 1984 meetings

A.MARSH 2/4 Nov 1984 - Agenda, minutes and papers, 58nd-60th July 1985 meetings

A.MARSH 2/5 Nov 1985 Agenda, minutes and papers, 61st meeting

A.MARSH 2/6 Mar 1986 Agenda, minutes and papers, 62nd meeting

A.MARSH 2/7 Jan 1987 Agenda, minutes and papers, 63rd meeting

A.MARSH 2/8 June 1987 - Agenda, minutes and papers, 64th-67th July 1988 meetings

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