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The majority of the pamphlets and offprints in this class donated by Dr Marsh have been added to the relevant classes in the records of agencies held in the Records of Legal Education Archives, comprising the ALT, CLE, CLEA and SPTL. Those listed below are the remainder. Some papers are annotated.

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A.MARSH 4/1 United Kingdom publications:-

n.d. E Swinfen Green, Passing the Bar and Law Society Examinations

1975 The Law Society, A guide for articled clerks, 5th edition

1968, 1970 Careers Research and Advisory Centre, Law Degree Course Guide, Law Degree Course Guide 1970/1971

1976 R J Smith, Law Degree Course Guide 1976/77, CRAC

1978 Senate of the Inns of Court and the Bar, A Career at the Bar

1978 The Further Education Staff College, Coombe Lodge, Study Conference 77/45: The Organisation of Legal Education and Training, Vol 10, No 14

1979 The Law Society, Qualifying Regulations

1980 R J Smith, Degree Course Guide 1980/81 - Law in UK Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges, CRAC

1981 Manchester Polytechnic, B.A. (Law) Degree Course: Syllabus and Reading Lists, revised 1981

1981 Brian Hogan, A Career in Law, Sweet & Maxwell

1983 Commonwealth Secretariat, Commonwealth Directory of Post-Graduate Legal Programmes 1983-84

1985 The Law in Education Project, Introduction, London

1986 R J Smith, Degree Course Guide 1986/7 - Law in UK Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges, CRAC)

1987 University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate, Law Studies Test handbook and Sample Test

1989 Committee of Heads of Polytechnic Law Schools, Polytechnic Law Schools: Present and Future

1995 Patricia Leighton, Tom Mortimer & Nicola Whatley, Today's Law Teachers: Lawyers or Academics?, Cavendish Publishing Ltd, London

A.MARSH 4/2 Overseas publications:

1964 Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey, Law School Admission Test Handbook

1969 Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey, Law School Admission Test booklet

1969 David F Cavers, Legal Education in The United States, Occasional Pamphlet No 1, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Mass

1973 Andrew Wilson Green, Bibliography on British Legal Education, West Chester State College Department of Business and Economics Research Paper No 1, with ms review by Dr Marsh

1975 International Legal Centre, New York, Legal Education in a Changing World

1979 The University of Alabama School of Law, The Journal of the Legal Profession, Vol 4

1981 John Flood, "Middlemen of the Law: An Ethnographic Inquiry into the English Legal Profession", American Bar Foundation Research Journal, Vol 1981 No 2

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