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A second important aspect of the Project was the provision of records management advice as requested and the publication and dissemination of its findings to assist researchers in law, the humanities and the social sciences and to raise the consciousness of the administrators and teachers of Law concerning the importance of proper records management, not only for efficiency in administration but for posterity. A major aspect was the publication of the Guide to Records of Legal Education and Law Schools (see A.RLEP 5), but a number of other papers were produced dealing with other aspects of record keeping and offering advice. The records listed below represent the efforts of the Project Co-ordinator and the Advisory Committee to achieve these aims.

Ref                  Dates               Description

A.RLEP 6/1 1994-1998 Correspondence and papers concerning publicising the Project, including background material, publication of Project details, attendance at conferences and seminars

A.RLEP 6/2 1995-1997 Papers prepared for dissemination/publication by the Project Co-ordinator:-

i) The Value of Records Management and Archives, 1994 (prepared for Gray's Inn)

Records of Legal Education: the importance of retaining Records, 1995 (given at the Annual SPTL Conference)

ii) The Integration of Law Teaching and the Management of Records of Legal Education, 1996 (prepared for Annual ALT Conference)

iii) The IALS's Legal Education Project and the Study of Legal Education, 1997 (prepared for Theory in Legal Education Colloquium, IALS, 1997)

iv) Archives and Information Management: revised paper no i), 1997, updated at the request of several agencies seeking records management advice

A.RLEP 6/3 1996 IALS: survey of records and recommendations on information management, by Project Co-ordinator

A.RLEP 6/4 1996-1997 IALS: survey and collection of records of historical interest for projected anniversary history, by a trainee archivist supervised by the Project Co-ordinator

A.RLEP 6/5 1997-1998 Papers concerning collection of information for and production of Archives and Information Management: Guidelines for Law Schools by the Project Co-ordinator, to be published by the SPTL. Includes draft Guidelines

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