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The third aim of the Project was to take into custody at IALS records of agencies and individuals who could not find or did not already have an established institutional repository for their papers. Resources for this service were limited, and the Project Co-ordinator was to make such offers only as a last resort, i.e. where no alternative custodian was appropriate.

Space was made available in the IALS Library for this archive, named the Records of Legal Education Archives, and agreements were made with various agencies and individuals for the transfer of their records on a regular basis. Access to records varied according to the terms of each individual deposit. A Guide to the Records of Legal Education Archives was produced as part of the Project, for publication by IALS, and training seminars were given by the Project Co-ordinator to Library staff in the care of the Archives following the Project's completion.

Ref Dates Description

A.RLEP 7/1 n.d. Information papers on general archive policy, codes of practice and guidelines

A.RLEP 7/2 n.d. Papers relating to copyright

A.RLEP 7/3 1995-1998 Papers relating to formulation of RLEA policy on collection, deposit agreements, access, regulations for use

A.RLEP 7/4 1996-1998 Papers relating to production of the Guide to the Records of Legal Education Archives

A.RLEP 7/5 1998 Papers relating to training of Library staff

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