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The files listed below contain details of the acquisition and maintenance of each collection of records in the RLEA, plus a copy of each class list. Arrangement is alphabetical by agency.

Ref Dates Description

A.RLEP 8/1 1995-1998 ALT: Association of Law Teachers archive

A.RLEP 8/2 1995-1998 BAR: Barrow Inquiry - papers deposited by Ruth Deech

A.RLEP 8/3 1996-1997 CHULS: Committee of Heads of University Law Schools archive

A.RLEP 8/4 1993-1998 CLE: Council of Legal Education archive

A.RLEP 8/5 1995-1997 CLEA: Commonwealth Legal Education Association archive

A.RLEP 8/6 1995-1997 CLRP: Commonwealth Legal Records Project archive

A.RLEP 8/7 1995-1997 LLM: University of London LLM Review papers

A.RLEP 8/8 1996 LSRG: Legal Skills Research Group, IALS - papers of Professor T Daintith

A.RLEP 8/9 1996-1998 MARSH: papers deposited by Dr S B Marsh

A.RLEP 8/10 1997 READ: papers deposited by Professor J S Read

A.RLEP 8/11 1994-1998 RLEP: Records of Legal Education project archive

A.RLEP 8/12 1997 SALS: Society for Advanced Legal Studies archive

A.RLEP 8/13 1995-1997 SCLE: Standing Conference on Legal Education - minutes

A.RLEP 8/14 1996-1997 SLSA: Socio-Legal Studies Association archive

A.RLEP 8/15 1994-1998 SPTL: Society of Public Teachers of Law archive

A.RLEP 8/16 1995-1998 TWIN: papers deposited by Professor W L Twining

A.RLEP 8/17 1997 UKNCCL: United Kingdom National Committee of Comparative Law archive

You can search records for the Records of Legal Education Project Archive on the SHLs Archives Catalogue.

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