Extent and form :3 files

Scope and contents: apart from the 1936 letter in BCO/01/03 and the 1973 report in BCO/01/02, these files relate to the formation of the Bar Committee in 1883 and its reconstitution as the Bar Council in 1894. However, the files in this series were compiled at a later date than their contents were created and at some point were assigned the reference OS 35.

Item list:

Reference Title Dates Extent Scope and Contents

Constitution of the Bar Committee and Bar Council

1883 – 1895 1 file Contains two sub-files: the first relating to the 1883 formation of the Bar Committee, including the Memorial to the Attorney General and his reply (6 documents); the second relating to the Bar Committee’s reconstitution as the Bar Council, including the James’ Committee Report, resolutions, the Regulations and the Bye-Laws (8 documents).
BCO/01/02 1883 Bar Committee Copies of Regulations and Bye-Laws 1883 – 1973 1 file Contains two sub-files: the first consisting of multiple copies of the 1883 Regulations, Bye-Laws and election documents (5 documents); the second contains the Interim Report of the Special Committee on the Regulations and By-Laws of the Council, March 1973.
BCO/01/03 Constitution of the Bar Council – Correspondence with Inns 1894 – 1936 1 file Apart from one letter, the correspondence relates to the reconstitution of the Bar Committee as the Bar Council (12 documents). The 1936 letter describes the role of the Bar Council in relation to the Attorney General.


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