Extent and form : 2 minute books

Reproduction: photography of the minutes permitted. Photocopying and photography of the attachments at the IALS Archivist’s discretion.

Administrative history: the Court Buildings Committee was one of the standing committees established under the Bar Council Regulations of 1896.

The Court Buildings Committee did not have a regular schedule of meetings, but met as the need arose.

Scope and content: contains signed minutes. The minute books contain some attachments; they are mainly letters, but also reports and agenda papers from 1935.

It appears the minutes of the Court Buildings Committee after May 1958 are no longer extant, as later minutes were not transferred to IALS. The minutes of 20 May 1958 were signed and dated on 22 October 1958, which indicates the Court Buildings Committee continued. From March 1955 the minutes are typescript and pasted into the minute books, so it is a reasonable assumption filing practice changed to a different method in the autumn of 1958, such as filing in folders, and this may account for the lack of continuity in the survival of the minutes.

Finding aids: both volumes contain an integral index. There is a system of cross referencing in the margins to the minutes of other meetings, to the minute books of other committees and to the letter books.

Important note for users: great care must be taken when unfolding the documents attached to these volumes, to prevent damage to either the volume or the attached documents.

Item list:

Reference Title Dates Extent Scope and contents
BCO/11/01 Court Buildings Standing Committee minute book vol.1. 25 March 1896 – 4 March 1920 1 volume  
BCO/11/02 Court Buildings Committee minute book vol.2 17 March 1920 – 20 May 1958 1 volume Typescript from 1 March 1955
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