Extent and form : 1 file

Extent and form: 2 minute books and 1 document

Reproduction: photocopying and photography of the minutes permitted. Photography of the attachments at the IALS Archivist’s discretion.

Administrative history: the Business and Procedure Committee was one of the standing committees established under the Bar Council Regulations of 1896.

The Business and Procedure Committee did not have a regular schedule of meetings, but met as the need arose.

Scope and content: in addition to the signed Business and Procedure Committee minutes, these minute books contain minutes of committees appointed to discuss specific issues.

The minute books contain a few attachments. In the first volume they are mainly letters and in the second volume they are mainly resolutions or reports, plus a couple of agenda papers from the late 1930s.

Finding aids: both volumes contain an integral index. There is a system of cross referencing in the margins to the minutes of other meetings, to the minute books of other committees and to the letter books.

Important note for users: great care must be taken when unfolding the documents attached to these volumes, to prevent damage to either the volume or the attached documents.

Item list:

Reference Title Dates Extent
BCO/12/01 Business and Procedure Standing Committee minute book vol.1 3 November 1896 – 21 July 1910 1 volume
BCO/12/02a Business and Procedure Committee minute book vol.2 7 February 1912 – 14 March 1939 1 volume
BCO/12/02b Notes prepared for a discussion on the Rules relating to Third Party Procedure at the meeting held on 28 July 1926 (two copies) [July 1926] 2 sheets, inserted at p57.
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