BCO29: SUBJECT FILES, 1964 - 1982

Extent and form : 7 files and 1 document

Scope and content: several of the files appear to have been compiled in connection with preparing the submissions to the Royal Commission on Legal Services. For example see BCO/29/01 and BCO/29/07.

Arrangement: the files have been arranged alphabetically by title, with the single document placed at the end of the sequence.

Related material: see BCO/27 for the Bar Council’s formal submissions to the Royal Commission on Legal Services.

Item list:

Reference Title Dates Extent Scope and contents
BCO/29/01 Education 1964 – 1982 1 file Contains copies of reports on legal education from a variety of sources, including the Bar Council and the Council of Legal Education
BCO/29/02 Future Finance 1977 1 file Contains three copies of the ‘Finance for the Future’ report. Only one copy is from an original printing and it has two attachments: The Financial Position of Law Students and Young Barristers and Financing the Young Bar.
BCO/29/03 Independence 1976 – 1977 1 file Contains articles on professional independence, preparatory work for answering the Royal Commission on Legal Services questionnaire on independence and an undated paper by Robert Alexander QC, ‘The History of the Law as an Independent Profession and the Present English System’.
BCO/29/04 International Relations 1970 – 1978 1 file Contains correspondence, working papers regarding the Royal Commission on Legal Services questionnaire on ‘The Bar and the Common Market’ and a Memorandum by Raymond Kidwell, ‘The English Legal Profession and the Common Market’, 1970.
BCO/29/05 Professional Indemnity Insurance 1981 – 1982 1 file Contains the Report of the Working Party on Professional Indemnity Insurance for the Bar, minutes of the Indemnity Insurance Committee and a circular advising on the implementation of compulsory professional indemnity insurance.
BCO/29/06 Royal Commission – Monopolies Commission Evidence: Enquiry into 1) Two Counsel Rule; 2) Advertising 1975 1 file Contains the Bar Council’s replies to the Public Interest Letters issued by the Monopolies and Mergers Commission for these enquiries.
BCO/29/07 Royal Commission – 1) Arnold Report: Silks; 2) Templeman Report: Partnerships; 3) Wilmers Report – Pupillage; 4) Webster Paper: Social Welfare Law 1968 – 1975 1 file Contains a copy of each report.
BCO/29/08 The Council of Legal Education First Report of the Working Party on Numbers 1982 1 document  
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