Extent and form : 3 minute books and 19 documents

Reproduction: photocopying not permitted, due to the large number of attachments. Photography of the minutes permitted. Photography of the attachments at the IALS Archivist’s discretion.

Administrative history: the Bar Library Committee was a joint committee of the four Inns of Court formed to run the library set up for the use of the Bar in the Royal Courts of Justice building.

Scope and content: the minute books contain a large number of attachments, including the library’s annual accounts, the notifications of the annual precept on the four Inns of Court, agenda papers, letters received and lists of books acquired.

Related material: Middle Temple Archives holds the Bar Library’s report and financial statements, 1906 – 1939.

Finding aids: each volume contains an integral index.

Important notes for users: care must be taken when unfolding the documents attached to these volumes, to prevent damage to either the volume or the attached documents.

Item list:

Reference Title Dates Extent Scope and contents
BCO/37/01a Minute book no.1

21 December 1882 – 29 May 1900

1 volume Prior to minutes of the first meeting there is a recital of the initial stages in the formation of the Committee from 2 Nov to 19 Dec 1882. Indexed.
BCO/37/01b Letter from the Lincoln’s Inn Librarian 10 June 1884 1 letter Found inserted at pp51-52 of minute book 1.
BCO/37/01c Photographic copy of Sir John Soane’s plan of the Law Courts, as substantially carried out c.1825 N.D. 1 plan Found inserted at pp63-64 of minute book 1.
BCO/37/01d Letter from the Honorary Secretary of the Law Library of the  Four Courts, Dublin 22 March 1899 1 letter Found inserted at pp347-348 of minute book 1.
BCO/37/02 Minute book no.2 29 November 1900 – 17 December 1954 1 volume Indexexd
BCO/37/03a Minute book no.3 19 December 1955 – 2 July 1974 1 volume Typescript from 15 January 1962.
BCO/37/03b Notes on the administration of the libraries at the Royal Courts of Justice, annotated with the details of the Librarian and Assistant Librarian’s appointments.

After 1917.

Annotations after 1970.
1 document

Found inserted at p85 of minute book 3.

BCO/37/03c Manuscript drafts by the Librarian of the notes about the libraries contained in /03b, together with three copy letters written by the Librarian 1921 5 documents Found inserted at p85 of minute book 3.
BCO/37/03d Bar Library book plate N.D. 1 book plate Found inserted at p85 of minute book 3.
BCO/37/03e Notes on the history of the Bar Library’s financial arrangements with a schedule of the four Inns of Courts payments 1884 - 1935 1935 1 document Found inserted at p85 of minute book 3.
BCO/37/03f List of photographic portraits 15 October 198? 1 document

Found inserted at p85 of minute book 3.

The last number of the year ran off the edge of the paper
BCO/37/03g Bar Library Committee lists 1968 – 1973 6 documents Found inserted at p85 of minute book 3.
BCO/37/03h List of books received 1 July 1969 – 30 June 1970 pages 1 and 2. 1970 1 list Found inserted at p134 of minute book 3. Page 3 of the list is attached to the minute book.
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