Extent and form : 22 minute books and 2 documents

Reproduction : photocopying not permitted, due to the large number of attachments. Photography of the minutes permitted. Photography of the attachments at the IALS Archivist’s discretion.

Scope and contents : the signed minutes of the Bar Committee/Bar Council, general meetings of the Bar and the annual general meetings of the Bar.

The minute books contain a large number of attachments, including agenda papers from 1896; the Regulations; the By-Laws; the Annual Statement; election documents such as lists of members retiring, lists of candidates proposed and election results; lists of committee members; committee and sub-committee reports, especially if they were printed; and letters and documents sent to the Bar Council which were being considered. After the Second World War fewer documents were attached to the minute books, mainly comprising of agenda papers, the Annual Statement and election documents.

It appears the minutes of the Bar Council after September 1950 are no longer extant, as later minutes were not transferred to IALS. The meeting held on 27 July 1950 is the last regular meeting recorded in BCO/04/22 and the minutes were signed and dated on 8 November 1950 (the 20 September 1950 meeting was a special meeting on the Legal Aid and Advice Act and the minutes are unsigned), which indicates Bar Council meetings continued. From May 1949 the minutes are typescript and pasted into the minute book, so it is a reasonable assumption filing practice changed to a different method in the autumn of 1950, such as filing in folders, and this may account for the lack of continuity in the survival of the minutes.

Related material : some agenda papers can be found in BCO/05 and BCO/06. Copies of the Regulations and By-Laws are in BCO/02 and BCO/03. The Annual Statements can also be found in BCO/18, BCO/19 and BCO/20. For detailed election records see BCO/21.

Finding aids : each volume contains an integral index. There is a system of cross referencing in the margins to the minutes of other meetings, to the minute books of other committees and to the letter books.

Important notes for users: the Annual Statements in these volumes must not be unfolded. Please use the set of Annual Statements in series BCO/19.

Great care must be taken when unfolding the other documents attached to these volumes, to prevent damage to either the volume or the attached documents.

Where pages are stuck together they must not be forced apart – please alert the IALS Archivist if you find any stuck pages not noted below, so arrangements can be made for them to be assessed by a conservator.

Item list:

Reference Title Dates Extent Scope and contents
BCO/04/01a Bar Committee minute book vol.1 26 May 1883 – 3 November 1886 1 volume Prior to the minutes of the first meeting there is a recital of the initial stages in the formation of the Bar Committee from 14 April to 5 May 1883.
BCO/04/01b The Bar Committee Regulations 1883 1 document Found inserted at pp10-11 of minute book 1.
BCO/04/02 Bar Committee minute book vol.2 30 November 1886 – 7 May 1889 1 volume  
BCO/04/03 Bar Committee minute book vol.3 16 July 1889 – 21 March 1891 1 volume  
BCO/04/04 Bar Committee minute book vol.4 5 May 1891 – 5 February 1894 1 volume  
BCO/04/05 Bar Committee/Bar Council minute book vol.5 5 April 1894 – 28 July 1896 1 volume Pages 214-216 are stuck together – do not attempt to separate.
BCO/04/06 Bar Council minute book vol.6 27 October 1896 – 20 March 1899 1 volume Several groups of pages between pages 1 and 36 are stuck together – do not attempt to separate.
BCO/04/07 Bar Council minute book vol.7 18 April 1899 – 25 June 1900 1 volume  
BCO/04/08 Bar Council minute book vol.8 9 July 1900 – 8 December 1902 1 volume Pages 1-2, 4-5, 11-12 and 59-60 are stuck together – do not attempt to separate.
BCO/04/09 Bar Council minute book vol.9 26 January 1903 – 10 April 1905 1 volume  
BCO/04/10 Bar Council minute book vol.10 9 May 1905 – 10 April 1907 1 volume Pages 214-215 and 264-266 are stuck together – do not attempt to separate.
BCO/04/11 Bar Council minute book vol.11 16 April 1907 – 14 December 1908 1 volume  
BCO/04/12 Bar Council minute book vol.12 18 January 1909 – 25 July 1910 1 volume  
BCO/04/13 Bar Council minute book vol.13 31 October 1910 – 4 November 1912 1 volume  
BCO/04/14 Bar Council minute book vol.14 18 November 1912 – 25 May 1914 1 volume  
BCO/04/15 Bar Council minute book vol.15 24 June 1914 – 2 April 1917 1 volume  
BCO/04/16 Bar Council minute book vol.16

7 May 1917 – 19 July 1920

1 volume  
BCO/04/17a Bar Council minute book vol.17 25 October 1920 – 2 June 1924 1 volume  
BCO/04/17b Extract from minutes of 14 November 1921 re the Civil Service Legal Society and a letter from the Society of 10 December 1921 1921 2 documents Found inserted at page 7 of minute book 17, but relates to minutes on pages 34, 36 and 41.
BCO/04/18 Bar Council minute book vol.18 14 July 1924 – 13 February 1928 1 volume  
BCO/04/19 Bar Council minute book vol.19 17 February 1928 – 27 July 1931 1 volume  

Bar Council minute book vol.20

30 October 1931 – 24 July 1935 1 volume  
BCO/04/21 Bar Council minute book vol.21 18 November 1935 – 23 February 1943 1 volume  
BCO/04/22 Bar Council minute book vol. 22 15 April 1943 – 20 September 1950 1 volume Typescript from May 1949.
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