IALS Digital

IALS Digital includes a range of established national online services for law and new publicly available web resources and research tools. Each project is designed to best meet the needs of a distinct legal information purpose and address the requirements of legal researchers.

IALS and its Global Law Library are actively involved in digital legal scholarship and innovative legal information delivery - developing and promoting public access to digital resources capable of supporting legal research on the Internet. Through the ongoing work of IALS Digital, the Institute is committed to extending the reach of digital provision of legal information by delivering specialist legal research tools and niche web services - maximising access to key or hard to find information to facilitate legal research, public understanding, and promote justice and the rule of law.

  • News of current Digital and Information projects at IALS
  • The IALS Electronic Law Library includes links to each of the resources and services resulting from IALS Digital projects and IALS Information projects

IALS Digital initiatives

Digital Legal Scholarship

IALS Digital and Digital Humanities
Legal research, cultural heritage and public benefit
British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII service)

Open Access publication at IALS

OBserving Law - IALS Open Book service for Law
Open Access Journals - Amicus Curiae Online,
Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review,
IALS Student Law Review

Content creation and resource development

Digitisation projects at IALS - JCPC Case Papers

Legal research training and tools - Law Port

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