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A searchable database of current awareness information giving bibliographic details of newly published books and journal articles of specific interest to law library and legal information professionals. caLIM can be searched by author, title or by a free text search of all fields.

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Eagle-i Internet Portal for Law

The successor to the award-winning national Intute and SOSIG law gateways, provides description and evaluation of selected high quality and authentic legal information sources on the web. By agreement IALS has harvested and enhanced law records rescued from Intute - helping to ensure the continued availability of quality-driven facilities for the national legal research communities and encourage inclusion in skills training.

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FLAG Foreign Law Guide

The award-winning FLAG Foreign Law Guide gives legal researchers details about holdings of foreign, international and comparative law in the UK's academic, national and specialist law libraries.  The last major update of FLAG was undertaken in 2013/14.

Increasingly FLAG proves to be a foundation upon which a national strategy for the acquisition and retention of foreign, international and comparative primary law materials can be built. In a time of reduced budgets it provides an important tool to identify gaps and overlaps in coverage aiding informed decisions on cancellation or rationalisation of resource provision.

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Flare Foreign Official Government Gazettes

The Flare Foreign Official Government Gazettes database is a searchable version of the Flare Union List of Foreign Official Government gazettes developed by IALS to provide bibliographic and source information (including details of print holdings in UK libraries and links to online versions) for foreign official government gazettes publishing primary and secondary legislation – offering guidance to pinpoint the relevant portions and sources of gazettes which can be voluminous and complex publications.

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Flare Index to Treaties

The Flare Index to Treaties is a searchable database of basic information on over 2,000 of the most significant multilateral treaties concluded from the 1600s onwards and a number of significant bilateral treaties signed between 1353 and 1815, with links to the full text, where available, providing a research tool aiding scholars and students, lawyers and librarians in researching the international law of treaties - whether they are new or experienced in the field.

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Law PORT is unavailable at the moment but will be relaunched as RESHAPED in early 2024.

In 1985 IALS published a volume Legal research in the United Kingdom 1905-1984 containing a list of completed legal research topics from the earlier years of the 20th Century to 31 July 1984.

A digital version of the index is freely available. It charts the development of legal research interests in the UK in the 20th Century, details early work by many influential legal scholars, and reveals topics of recurring currency - providing themes and ideas for further research and fresh approaches. 

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