Reimagining Law and Justice is comprised of an exciting collection of Open Access (OA) books focused on key issues, challenges and debates in legal studies. 

The aim of this new OA series from IALS is to publish innovative and intellectually stimulating, fully peer-reviewed work which will reach a worldwide audience, widen knowledge and understanding, and play a major role in our understanding of justice through legal studies.  

Today we face urgent questions about the meaning of justice, whether that takes the form of racial justice; sexual justice; economic justice; environmental justice; reparative justice; intergenerational justice; interspecies justice; or social justice.

This series will focus squarely on reimagining that age-old search for understanding the relationship between law and justice through an interrogation of the crucial challenges of our times. 

IALS and UoL Press are very pleased to announce that the first book in the series is now published:

Law, Humanities and the COVID CrisisEdited by Carl F. Stychin.

Reimagining Law and Justice

Editorial Advisory Board

Editorial oversight for the Reimaging Law and Justice series is provided by an Editorial Advisory Board bringing together the skills and experience of academics, librarians and publishing professionals.

  • Professor Carl Stychin, IALS (Chair and Joint General Editor)
  • Ms Sandy Dutczak, IALS (Joint General Editor)
  • Professor Diamond Ashiagbor, University of Kent
  • Professor Anthony Bradney, Keele University
  • Ms Marilyn Clarke, IALS
  • Professor Fiona Cownie, Keele University
  • Dr Agata Fijalkowski, Leeds Beckett University
  • Mr Richard Hart, Consultant Publisher
  • Dr Colin King, IALS 
  • Dr Oliver Lewis, Doughty Street Chambers
  • Dr Mara Malagodi, University of Warwick
  • Dr Adaeze Okoye, University of Brighton
  • Professor Sally Wheeler, Australian National University
  • Dr Keina Yoshida, Doughty Street Chambers

Latest Publications

Publishing Open Access with IALS and the UoL Press

Open Access refers to the free access and generally free reuse (usually with some restrictions) of published research. It represents a shift in attitudes towards both the dissemination and utility of research and the cost of access to readers and scholars.

We welcome proposals from individual authors and editors from across the academic and legal research community - including within and external to the University of London, and from learned societies and organisations. 

For more information about the IALS publishing process, including Proposal Submission, Peer Review and the Publication Process see the University of London Press 'Publish with Us' Guidance.

Submissions and Guidelines

The University of London Press is a predominantly Open Access publisher and is committed to publishing as many books Open Access as possible. As well as going through the same rigorous editorial and peer review processes as non-open access titles, Open Access books published by the Press benefit from the same high-quality standards of production – including copyediting, typesetting, proofreading and cover design – and marketing.

We welcome submissions and proposals for law or law-related monographs, textbooks, edited volumes and other scholarly works, including shorter form books, reference materials and born-digital content.

Submit a Proposal

Proposals should be submitted directly to the IALS Digital Projects and Publications Manager

For more information about the process please see the University of London Press Publish with Us guidance.