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LLMC-Digital (electronic resource)

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Remote access via WAM (IALS + SAS staff, fellows and students, UoL Law staff and postgraduate students, IALS Lib academic members)

LLMC is a non-profit, library cooperative based at the University of Hawaii in the United States. The LLMC was founded in 1976 and provides a subscription service giving access to legal and government publications in microfiche format and digitally online. The service includes: US federal and state legal materials, US military law, Native American law, canon law, Anglo-American legal periodicals, Anglo-American legal treatises, foreign jurisdictions, international law and organisations, and multi-jurisdictional subject materials. The Consortium is converting its filmed materials to digital format and making them available via the LLMC-Digital subscription service, which is hosted currently by the Scholarly Publishing Office (SPO) at the University of Michigan. The service is continuing to build content through scanning initiatives in partner libraries in the USA and Europe. More information ...

IALS library contributes materials from its Common Law Collection to LLMC-Digital and the IALS Librarian has advised the project through membership of LLMC-Digital board and multinational Advisory Council

Page last updated: 29th November 2016