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List of Law Blogs included in Eagle-i Internet Portal for Law

Website of beSpacific a law and technology weblog written by Sabrina I. Pacifici who is a law librarian and co-founder of the legal Web journal The site is aimed at legal professionals, librarians and researchers and focuses on United States news providing a digest of legal stories covering "e-government, copyright, privacy, government documents, cybercrime and ID theft, the Patriot Act, and freedom of information." Each story has one or more subject headings and clicking these provides access to other stories within the same subject area eg. libraries, government documents, legal research and freedom of information. Links are provided to all featured organisations, documents, legislation and cases. It is also possible to sign up for email delivery of the newsletter. The archive goes back to September 2002 and can be searched using the site search engine.

Binary Law
Binary Law is the blog of Nick Holmes, a legal publishing consultant. It started in February 2004 and focuses on legal information and digital publishing issues; subjects covered include intellectual property, information management, internet law, blogging and social media. There are links to other law blogs, to the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers and to Infolaw, a UK legal web gateway.

Website indexing legal blogs, provided by Justia Legal Resources. The site indexes predominantly US material, but there is some coverage of other jurisdictions. The home page lists the most popular blogs and the most recent posts and also includes a 'featured blawger'. A simple searching facility is offered and results, which include a brief summary, can be sorted by relevance or date. There is also a directory which enables browsing by category, US state or country. Links to other blawg directories are provided. There is a resources page which includes information about blogging software and hosting, including Justia's own products, but also listing freely available alternatives. It is also possible to suggest a blawg for inclusion in the directory.

Irish law blog from Dr Eoin O’Dell, a Fellow and Associate Professor at the School of Law, Trinity College Dublin. "Cearta is, literally, the Irish word for rights; and will – I hope – be a blog about: matters of Irish law which make the headlines; or matters of law in which I have a research interest (Contract, Restitution, Freedom of Expression, Media, IT & Cyber law); or matters – of law, education policy, politics or otherwise – in which I have sufficient interest to muse in public for a few short sentences.”

China Law Blog
With a focus on business law in China, this blog is written by Dan Harris, an international lawyer based in the United States, and Steve Dickinson, an international lawyer based in China. They are both members of Harris & Moure, plc, an international law firm.

Chinese Law Prof Blog
Website of the Chinese Law Prof Blog edited by Donald C. Clarke, a specialist in Chinese law and Professor of Law at George Washington University Law School. The blog provides news and comment on Chinese legal developments, conferences, publications and research resources. Posts can be browsed by date or topic and the blog has an archive extending back to 2005. Other resources provided on the site include links to a collection of research guides on Chinese law.

Chinese law and politics blog
This specialist blog is maintained by Carl Minzner, Associate Professor of Law, Washington University School of Law in St. Louis. It regularly discusses issues relating to Chinese law and politics. Topics covered include human rights, civil society and social change in China. There is also coverage of the Chinese legal and judicial system. All postings from 2007 onwards can be viewed via the website.

CjScotland is a blog produced by Mary Munro, a freelance researcher and part-time criminology tutor, dealing with criminal justice issues in Scotland. The blog covers subjects such as police, prisons, sentencing, victims, courts, crime prevention and statistics. There are links to legal news stories from the national and Scottish media, press releases, reports and speeches. A selection of full text articles on criminal justice issues in Scotland are made freely available on the site. Recent topics covered include community wardens in Scotland, justice reinvestment and the victim statement scheme. There is a page of links to Scottish criminal justice resources and to sites focusing on the history of criminal justice in Scotland.

Conflict of is an interactive news and discussion site for those interested in private international law. The site has contributions from scholars from around the world and is edited by Martin George, Lecturer in Property Law at the University of Birmingham. The archives can be viewed back to 2006 and posts can be viewed by contributor or searched by keyword. There are also short articles on particular topics contributed by scholars and practitioners, an online bookshop and a page of links to other private international law resources. is officially associated with the Journal of Private International Law.

Corporate Law and Governance
The Corporate Law and Governance blog is produced by Robert Goddard who is Lecturer in Law at Aston Business School in Birmingham. The blog supports the author's company law and governance teaching and research. Posts cover legal developments, case commentaries and related news items. Hyperlinks provide access to further information and documents referred to in the texts. The blog archive extends back to January 2008. A selection of related web links includes key reports on corporate governance, codes, principles and rulebooks, the FSA Handbook, the Companies Act (2006) and related materials, other legislation and case law, historical materials, organisations and news sources.

Current Awareness from the Inner Temple Library
This is a selective current awareness blog (weblog) compiled by staff at the Inner Temple Library in London containing legal news and developments of interest to UK lawyers and law students. The blog was established in April 2007 and is updated daily. Items are sourced from a range of news, legal and government websites and can be viewed by date or browsed by subject. Posts include a link to the full story. It is possible to register on the site to receive free email alerts.

Digestible Law
Digestible Law is a blog dedicated to internet law, produced by Seattle law firm Perkins Coie LLP. As well as blog posts, the site incorporates the Perkins Coie Internet Case Digest. The blog can be browsed by subject area, including copyright, data security, domain names, electronic surveillance, encryption, regulation, spam, websites and trademark infringement. Materials include commentaries, case digests and information relating to statutes and rules. The site can be searched using simple or advanced search options.

The ECHR blog is written by Antoine Buyse who is associate professor and senior researcher at the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM), Utrecht University. As well as posts providing news and updates on the European Convention on Human Rights the blog provides links to human rights journals, research and other human rights blogs.

Employment Law Mailing List
Website of the Employment Law bulletin produced by Daniel Barnett a London based barrister specialising in employment law. This free bulletin provides an alerting service detailing new legislation and employment law cases and is emailed once or twice a week to anyone signing up for the service. The site also has details of books and articles by Daniel Barnett covering employment law. The bulletin provides links to cases and original sources.

Family law matters
The Family law matters blog forms part of the website of specialist family law firm SpainWilliams. The blog has articles and news items relating to various aspects of family law. Posts can be viewed by date or subject category. The following categories are currently included on the blog: abuse; annulment; children; civil partnership; cohabiting; contact; declaration of trust; divorce; finances; harassment; pensions; pre-nuptial agreements; property; separation and violence. There are also links to other related websites.

German energy blog
The German Energy Blog is concerned with news, developments and legal aspects of German energy issues. The authors of the blog, Dr. Matthias Lang, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mutschler and Anna Heinze, are lawyers at the law firm ARQIS Rechtsanwälte in Düsseldorf, Germany. Blog posts cover topics such as climate change, traditional energy sources, renewable resources, company information and court cases and are available back to July 2009. The site has an overview of German energy law providing commentary and links to energy legislation, regulatory agencies and legislation on related topics. Content on the sites linked to is mainly presented in German but may include some English materials. The site is presented in English throughout.

Human Law Mediation
Human Law Mediation is the weblog (blog) of Justin Patten who is a solicitor at the UK based law firm of the same name. The blog focuses on employment law and mediation and includes posts on subject areas such as dispute resolution, litigation, workplace conflict and personal injury. You can sign up to receive email updates and view posts back to February 2009.

Human Rights in Ireland
The Human Rights in Ireland blog was started in 2009 and focuses on human rights issues in Ireland and on Irish scholarship about human rights theory, practice, law and politics. Posts are arranged under the following topic headings: disability; race and ethnicity; children and families; civil liberties; immigration; gender and sex; culture and religion and poverty and exclusion. Brief profiles of the blog’s authors and guest bloggers are given on the site along with a page of links to other Irish legal sites.

Insolvency law online
This blog focuses on bankruptcy and insolvency law and is written by John Tribe who is KPMG Lecturer in Restructuring at Kingston University. The blog is designed to support John Tribe's research and teaching in insolvency law and company law and is principally aimed at students at Kingston University Law School. Posts highlight news and developments in bankruptcy and insolvency law including new and forthcoming papers and recent cases. Recent topics covered include bankruptcy tourism, the Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) procedure and famous bankrupts in history. There is a link to a collection of articles by John Tribe made freely available on the Social Science Research Network site along with links to related blogs, websites, online books, journals and insolvency events. A continuation in part of the Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Corporate Rescue blog.

IPKat is an intellectual property web log (blog) produced by UK-based IP lawyers and patent agents Jeremy Phillips, Johanna Gibson, David Pearce and Ilanah Simon Fhima. IPKat focuses on UK and European law and covers issues such as copyright, patents, trademarks and branding. Postings on the site go back to July 2003 providing a summary of news items and links to the full text. Links to other relevant web resources such as cases, legislation, news sources and company websites are also included. The site includes a message board.

Jonathan Mitchell, QC
Blog and website of Jonathan Mitchell, a Scottish QC from the Murray Stable. The blog covers matters to do with Scots law, or legal practice in Scotland, which interest the writer or which he thinks deserve a public airing they might not otherwise receive. The blog can be accessed by RSS feed, or by email notification of new posts. There are links to websites covering many aspects of Scottish law including the Faculty of Advocates, and BAILII, and links to other relevant blogs.

Karel's Legal Blog
Karel's Legal Blog is a Web log focusing on the law and legal developments in the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba which are both autonomous parts of the kingdom of the Netherlands. The blog was launched in July 2005 by Karel Frielink who is a lawyer with Spigthoff Attorneys at Law & Tax Advisers a Dutch law firm with offices in Amsterdam and the Netherlands Antilles. The site provides posts on different aspects of the law with the focus on banking, financial and company law. Topics covered in individual posts include banking regulations, the code on civil procedure, corporations and criminal liability, filing for bankruptcy, stock exchange legislation, investment institutions and the appointment of judges.

LawLibTech is a Web log (blog) produced by Cindy L. Chick who previously edited (Law Library Resource Xchange) a free online Web journal for legal information professionals. LawLibTech is sub-headed "a conversation on law library technology and knowledge management" and covers topics such as blogs, spam, search engines, wikis, virtual libraries and social networking. There are also regular book reviews. The site posts brief summaries of articles and presentations which are arranged chronologically and by subject. Links are given to full-text articles, source websites and PowerPoint presentations. The site can be searched using a site search engine. 

Le blog droit administratif
This blog on French administrative law was started in 2005 and its topics include electoral law, the constitution, public enterprises and the death penalty. Its regular authors include lawyers François Gilbert, Alexis Frank, Alexandre Ciaudo and others. Some of the more substantial contributions are under the heading “A retenir”. Posts can be displayed by date or topic/thread. Lists of recommended books and articles on administrative law are included. .

Legal Ethics Forum
The Legal Ethics Forum is a blog produced by professors from the University of Texas Law School, Cornell Law School and UC Berkeley School of Law. The site includes discussion and news stories raising legal ethics issues with posts starting from February 2005. Links are provided to other articles and related materials. The site also provides links to other sites dealing with legal ethics including American Bar Association resources, professional organisations, ethics practice sites, academic centres, legal ethics journals and sites dealing with judicial ethics.

Legal History Blog
Blog created detailing news and ideals for legal history. 

Lexmonitor is a website which monitors the content of legal blogs compiled by "practicing lawyers, law professors, law students, legal reporters & publishers, and professionals covering issues germane to the legal industry". The site was set up by Kevin O'Keefe of LexBlogs, a US company that builds and supports blogs for lawyers. Channels are arranged by practice area including administrative law, alternative dispute resolution, consumer law, criminal law, family law, intellectual property law, insurance law, tax and financial law, legal research and law library blogs. These provide access to a selection of posts from relevant blogs. Blogs included on the site can be browsed and linked to from an alphabetical list.

LawLibTech is a Web log (blog) produced by Cindy L. Chick who previously edited (Law Library Resource Xchange) a free online Web journal for legal information professionals. LawLibTech is sub-headed "a conversation on law library technology and knowledge management" and covers topics such as blogs, spam, search engines, wikis, virtual libraries and social networking. There are also regular book reviews. The site posts brief summaries of articles and presentations which are arranged chronologically and by subject. Links are given to full-text articles, source websites and PowerPoint presentations. The site can be searched using a site search engine.

Neuroethics and Law Blog
The Neuroethics and Law Blog is described as being an "interdisciplinary forum for legal and ethical issues related to the mind and brain". The blog is edited by Adam J. Kolber who is a professor of law at the University of San Diego and the site is aimed at bioethicists, legal academics, practitioners, neuroscientists, neurologists, criminologists and others. Posts highlight newly published research, news items and details of conferences and events. Links are given to journal articles, research papers and related websites. Recent posts have looked at research on neurowarfare and the limits of international humanitarian law, the effect of stress on the brain and the results of a survey on cognitive enhancement. There is an archive of post back to July 2007.

Opinio Juris
Opinio Juris is a blog devoted to international law and international relations. It was established by Chris Borgen, a law professor at St. Johnãs University Law School, Peggy McGuinness of the University of Missouri Law School and Julian Ku of Hofstra Law School and now has nine contributors, including one academic from Australia. Email alerts or an RSS feed are available. Links are provided to related blogs.

Painsmith Landlord and Tenant Blog
This blog, focusing on residential landlord and tenant law, is provided by Painsmith Solicitors a UK based practice specialising solely in this area of law. The site includes news and comment on the latest legal developments, legislation, guidance and case law. Posts can be searched or browsed back to October 2008 when the blog started and tags include Housing Act 1988, Housing Act 2004, Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, regulations, fees, rent and litigation. Blog posts include hypertext links to full text cases and legislation and there are links to related housing law and landlord and tenant law blogs.

The Panopticon blog is maintained by members of 11KBW's Information Law Practice Group and monitors developments taking place in information law. The site has a section explaining what information law covers including areas such as "data protection, freedom of information, the protection of private information under article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, breach of confidence, and the regulation of surveillance". Posts cover legal news stories including links to original sources, decisions, legislation and reports. The blog includes a list of related web links to the sites of information commissioners, data protection organisations, government departments and other blogs along with a collection of information law articles provided on the main 11KBW site. Posts on Panopticon can be browsed by date or using the tag cloud provided.

Patenting lives blog
The Patenting Lives Blog is a news and information service for the Patenting Lives Research Project, linking to media reports, academic papers and other Internet sites, pertaining to work of the project. It is examining the application of patent protection on life forms and, in particular, the impact on the cultural, social and economic circumstances of developing countries. Technologies considered include agricultural and medical biotechnology; gene therapies; and other related areas. To date, the work of the project has included agricultural biotechnology; gene patents; traditional knowledge; genetic resources; and ethical and human rights frameworks.

Website of piBlawg a legal blog specialising in personal injury and clinical negligence law. The blog is a collaboration between piCalculator and barristers’ chambers 1 Chancery Lane and includes commentary and case reports. The archive dates back to 2010 and can be browsed by subject, date or tag cloud. piCalculator is a subscription website providing access to a collection of online calculators to assist with the preparation of personal injury and clinical negligence claims.

Plan-it Law
Plan-it Law is a blog covering the latest developments in planning related legal and policy issues aimed at lawyers, planners and companies with an interest in planning. The blog is written by the Planning Law Team at Mills & Reeve LLP a Cambridge based law firm. The blog has subject sections covering planning applications and appeals, policy, statute law and section 106 agreements. Posts are available back to February 2009.

The QED Law blog is produced by Norman Baird, who is a consultant to the University of London External LLB. The blog forms part of the QED LAW website, a company providing law revision courses for LLB and GDL students. The blog focuses on legal education issues including information on law degrees, tables showing LLB awards by class and details of awards going back to 1987 for some higher education institutions. Articles and discussion on related issues such as degree inflation are included. Posts can be viewed by institution.

Religion Law Blog
The Religion Law Blog is produced by Neil Addison, a barrister at New Bailey Chambers in Liverpool. This blog includes the author's personal views and commentary on cases and developments in religious law, religious freedom and religious discrimination. Posts are available back to December 2008 and include links to cases, legislation and other websites. Recent posts have included a speech given by the author entitled What do we mean by 'A Secular Society' and an article looking at Sharia Tribunals. Neil Addison's other website Religion Law is also described on Eagle-i.

Slaw is a Canadian weblog focusing on the impact of technology on legal research. The site is aimed at legal practitioners, academics, students and law librarians and is administered by Simon Fodden, Professor Emeritus at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University in Toronto. Posts are organised by categories relating to the impact of technology on legal information. They include Finding, Organising, Communicating, Storing, Controlling and Understanding legal information. Recent posts are listed by title and archive stories can be viewed by date (back to 2005). Contact details are given for regular and occasional contributors to the blog. It is also possible to register for email updates and RSS feeds.

Special Tribunal for Lebanon monitor
This blog was established in 2009 by the Lebanese Center for Human Rights (CLDH).a Lebanese human rights NGO which is is the official partner organization of the France based SOLIDA Movement (Support for Lebanese Detained Arbitrarily). It aims to monitor the work of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon which is investigating the 2005 attack that killed Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri. The blog provides regular updates on the activities of the court. It aims to make public documents, press releases and to comment on the work of the court. Postings are offered in a mixture of French and English.

Decisis (formerly Stare Decisions Hibernia)
Blog by Irish barrister Mark Tottenham, providing summaries of Irish superior court decisions from January 2011 onwards, with links to the full judgments where available. Summaries of new decisions usually appear on the blog within ten days of the judgment. The posts may be browsed by date, topic, or judge; there is also a basic search facility. The courts covered are the Supreme Court, High Court and Court of Criminal Appeal. Case updates are available by email or via Twitter.

The Court
The Court is a student edited blog providing commentary and case notes on recent cases at the Supreme Court of Canada. The blog is an initiative of the Osgoode Hall Law School at York University in Canada. Students are able to post commentaries under the direction of a faculty member and anyone can post a response. Posts can be viewed by subject category, alphabetically by case name and by year. Other features of the site include an online bibliography of materials relating to the Canadian Supreme Court, statistics and links to Supreme Court and other related sites. An online copy of the book, Supreme Court of Canada: History of the Institution by James G. Snell and Frederick Vaughan is also made freely available on the site.

UK Freedom of Information Blog
The UK Freedom of Information Blog (Web log) was started by Steve Wood while Lecturer in Information Management at Liverpool John Moores University in 2003. Since March 2007 it has been continued by the Campaign for Freedom of Information. The site provides news and updates to the UK Freedom of Information Act, the current UK Code of Practice on Access to Government Information and other developments concerning freedom of information issues. Postings include links to relevant organisations, documents, press articles and websites. There are also Web links to other key freedom of information sites.

UK Human Rights Blog
The UK Human Rights Blog is produced by 1 Crown Office Row a barristers' chambers specialising in civil law. The blog aims to provide a free legal updating service on human rights issues. There is a link to the full text of the European Convention on Human Rights along with a description and analysis of each article. Posts can be searched or browsed by subject category including, immigration, children, terrorism, public order and human rights cases.

UK Supreme Court blog
The United Kingdom Supreme Court was opened in October 2009. This blog was set up by solicitors and barristers at Matrix Chambers and Olswang LLP who specialise in litigation and have an interest in the work of the House of Lords and the UK Supreme Court. Posts are available back to June 2009 and provide news and commentary on the UK Supreme Court and its judgements with links to original sources including articles, speeches, podcasts, cases and press articles. Links are given to judgements and upcoming hearings of the Court and to related websites. There is also a site search engine.

VoxPopuLII is a guest blogging project sponsored by the Legal Information Institute at the Cornell Law School and made freely available on the LII website. The focus of the blog is on legal information and informatics and posts tend to take the form of full length articles. Posts date back to October 2010 and many look at online legal information projects such as legal search engines use of virtual worlds for education and training and court information systems.

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