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Make your publications freely available online to ensure that your research is highly visible, widely read and counts for the REF (Research Excellence Framework).

The IALS E-Repository forms part of the School of Advanced Study's SAS-Space service. SAS-Space is an online library of journal articles, datasets, digitised content, and dissertations & thesis from the School of Advanced Study.

IALS collection on SAS-SpaceIALS publishes material on SAS-Space, the School of Advanced Study's Open Access E-repository, for scholarly, research and archival purposes. Most materials are made available for use on a freely available, open access, non-commercial basis. Collections in the IALS Community contain work by Institute Staff, Students, Visiting Fellows and associated legal scholars and specialists.

  • Search and browse the IALS Community on SAS-SPACE
  • Articles from Amicus Curiae: the journal of the IALS and SALS
  • Preprints of articles written by IALS staff and fellows
  • Online copies of IALS Masters students' dissertations
  • Reports from Society for Advanced Legal Studies Working Groups
  • Selected papers from past W.G.Hart Legal Workshops at IALS
  • Social network features to share, comment, tag and add personal notes to aid literature reviews and research trails

IALS E-repository collections: Outline of the IALS Community on SAS-Space

Material about the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Documents describing the mission, history, activities and development plans of the Institute.

Work by IALS Staff
Preprint versions of articles written by IALS Staff are on SAS-Space in the IALS articles section at: http://sas-space.sas.ac.uk/view/divisions/ials.html.

Work by IALS Students
A collection of dissertations (that have achieved grade "merit" or "distinction") written by IALS masters students are on SAS-Space at http://sas-space.sas.ac.uk/view/collections/dissertation.html

Work by IALS Fellows
A collection of articles and research guides written by visiting scholars and legal information specialists at IALS are on SAS-Space in the IALS articles section at: http://sas-space.sas.ac.uk/view/divisions/ials.html.

Amicus Curiae
Published articles written by legal scholars and specialist for Amicus Curiae: journal of the Society for Advanced Legal Studies are on SAS-Space at http://sas-space.sas.ac.uk/view/collections/ialsac.html and in the SAS Open Journal System at http://journals.sas.ac.uk/amicus

IALS Lectures: In development. See also IALS Videos for online law lecture videos and podcasts.

IALS Projects:
Project documentation and working materials from collaborative projects with which IALS is or has been involved.

  • BAILII (British and Irish Legal Information Institute)
  • FLAG (Foreign Law Guide) Project
  • FLARE (Foreign Legal Research) Project
  • Intute: Law

Legal Subject Collections:

Law Librarianship:
Articles, research guides, training presentations by IALS Library Staff

Material from Professional associations: In development

Articles from professional association + society journals with which IALS has a connection: In development

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