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Amicus Curiae
Amicus Curiae, is a peer-reviewed, official journal of both the Society of Advanced Legal Studies and the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies that aims to promote scholarship and research that involves academics, the legal profession and those involved in the administration of law.
Now in it's 2nd series Amicus Curiae is freely available online as an open journal and includes over 700 articles by more than 450 authors.https://journals.sas.ac.uk/index.php/amicus

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Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review
Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review brings articles, legal developments and case reports to academics, practitioners and the industry in relation to digital evidence and electronic signatures from across the world. An Open Access version of Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review has been developed by Stephen Mason (founder, publisher and general editor) with the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS) - further raising the visibility and accessibility of the journal and its contents. The journal has been "born digital" on SAS OJS from Volume 11: 2014 onwards https://journals.sas.ac.uk/index.php/deeslr

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IALS Student Law Review
IALS Student Law Review (ISLRev) is an online open access peer-reviewed law journal established by the Institute on the School of Advanced Study's Open Journals System. The IALS Student Law Review is run by IALS PhD legal research students assisted by an academic member of staff at IALS. The journal is intended as a showcase for legal scholars from postgraduate students and early career scholars to well-established academics; and, intends to target both members of the legal academia and practitioners in addition to students. ISLRev is pleased to be selected for inclusion in DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals

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