Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review: A Brief History of the Journal

The journal began life in 2004 under its first title, e-Signature Law Journal [ISSN 1744-0882]. In 2006 this was changed to the Digital Evidence Journal [ISSN 1750-7200] and in 2008 the need for a more descriptive title was identified so the journal became the Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review [ISSN 1756-4611].

Stephen Mason (founder, publisher and general editor of the journal) originally started the e-Signature Law Journal to keep up-to-date with electronic signatures across the world in 2004 after the first edition of his book Electronic Signatures in Law was published in 2003 by LexisNexis Butterworths. The second edition, Electronic Signatures in Law (Tottel, 2nd edn, 2007) benefited immensely from the content of the e-Signature Law Journal and the Digital Evidence Journal.

Stephen renamed the journal in 2006 when he was part-way through the first edition of Electronic Evidence: Disclosure, Discovery & Admissibility, as author and general editor (LexisNexis Butterworths, 2007) which covered the main ‘common’ law countries. It then seemed appropriate to bring the two topics together explicitly, certainly when his next book was published in March 2008: International Electronic Evidence (British Institute of International and Comparative Law, 2008) covering a further 35 countries.

The first four volumes of the journal were printed using standard printing technology. From 2008, ‘on demand’ printing permitted more cost effective printing of A4 journals, so the Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review became an A4 journal using the on demand printing process. Subsequently, in addition to print publication, arrangements with EBSCOhost, HeinOnline and vLex made the journal available electronically to subscribers of those services.

In 2014, the Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review [ISSN 2054-8508 (online)] has become an Open Access journal published by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies on the School of Advanced Study Open Journals System The full back run of volumes is publicly available on the service, and Volume 11: 2014 onwards will be “born digital” Open Access publications.

Page last updated: 16th September 2022