Children and Digital Rights: Regulating Freedoms and Safeguards - Lisa Atkinson

Video date: 
Friday, 17 November, 2017
Video speaker(s): 
Lisa Atkinson (Group Manager, Policy and Engagement, Information Commissioner's Office)


Keynote Panel

The Internet provides children with more freedom to communicate, learn, create, share, and engage with society than ever before. Interacting within this connected digital world, however, also presents a number of challenges to ensuring the adequate protection of a child’s rights to privacy, freedom of expression, and safety, both online and offline. These risks range from children being unable to identify advertisements on search engines to bullying in online chat groups.

At the ILPC’s Annual Conference, regulators, practitioners, civil society, and leading academic experts will address and examine the key legal frameworks and policies being used and developed to safeguard these freedoms and rights.

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