IALS Legal Education and the Pandemic: Presence, Proximity and Pedagogy

Video date: 
Thursday, 29 October, 2020
Video speaker(s): 
Professor Shauna Van Praagh, McGill University’s Faculty of Law


The academic year, and legal education “as usual”, endured an unexpected and unsettling upheaval in 2020.  The pandemic produced a steep learning curve for law teachers and students, forced to shift into virtual classroom mode.  In this seminar, Professor Shauna Van Praagh explores what she refers to as the “3 R’s” of remote legal education: resistance, reflection, and re-creation.  Resistance flows from an insistence on the importance of presence and proximity in legal education. Reflection underscores the importance of pausing to consider the “why” and “how” at a time educators rush to respond to the “what” of on-line tools.

Chair:   Professor Carl Stychin, IALS Director

The publication arising out of Professor Van Praagh's seminar can be found at: Shauna Van Praagh, David Sandomierski (Dir.), Collage sur le droit et le savoir en temps de pandémie, 2020 25-4 Lex-Electronica 1-223: https://www.lex-electronica.org/s/2084

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