Judicial Conversations. With the Rt. Hon Lord Lloyd-Jones, Justice of the Supreme Court, UK

Video date: 
Tuesday, 16 June, 2020
Video speaker(s): 
The Rt. Hon. Lord Lloyd-Jones, Justice of the Supreme Court, UK


The global pandemic has had a profound impact upon the ways in which people live and work across the globe. The coronavirus has created particular challenges for the judicial system, which has relied to a large extent on doing its business in a live forum, to ensure both fairness to the parties and access of the public. This podcast series explores the ways in which judges are working in the midst of the pandemic. Hosted by Professor Carl Stychin, Director of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, the series engages members of the judiciary in discussions on the use of technology to enable courts and tribunals, as well as the potential long term implications of new ways of working even when we return to a ‘new normal’.  

Series: Judicial Ways of Working

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