Women's Legal Landmarks Archival Training Workshop - Legal resources

Video date: 
Thursday, 25 June, 2015
Video speaker(s): 
Mari Takayanagi (Parliamentary Archives)
Guy Holborn (Lincoln's Inn)

School of Advanced Study, University of London

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Institute of Advanced Legal Studies

Women's Legal Landmarks Archival Training Workshop

Workshop 2: Legal resources

Mari Takayanagi (Parliamentary Archives)
Guy Holborn (Lincoln's Inn)

This workshop has been designed to complement the Women's Legal Landmarks project commemorating the centenary of women's admission into law in the UK and Ireland in 1919. All interested researchers are welcome to attend.

The Women's Legal Landmarks project involves about 100 scholars identifying, researching and writing up accounts of major legal land-marks for women which will be used in the preparation of academic outputs, teaching materials and an open-access on-line resource. To assist researchers involved in the project, as well as other researchers working in this field, the day's programme offers presentations by invited speakers from relevant collections who will discuss their holdings in relation to key legal landmarks for women, and will take participants through the process of finding and interrogating one specific indicative item. The aim is to provide information about the resources available in the archives and collections, as well as to talk through the practicalities of accessing and using them.

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