E.g., 28/01/2022
E.g., 28/01/2022
thumbnail Algorithmic Discrimination and Decolonisation: Regulation and Design
  • Prof. Dr. J.H. (Janneke) Gerards Professor of Law, Economics, and Governance School of Law Utrecht University
  • Dr Raphaële Xenidis, Lecturer in Law, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Rachel Adams Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa
  • Professor Rafael A. Calvo Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London
thumbnail FinReg Webinar Series: UK Bribery Act: Tenth Anniversary
  • Sir Hugh Bayley (MP for York 1992-2015)
  • Professor Jeremy Horder (LSE)
  • Tim Langton (Chief Compliance Officer, Wella)
  • Dominic Martin (Vice President of Governmental & Regulatory Affairs)
  • Professor Robert Barrington (University of Sussex)
  • Miranda Ching (Serious Fraud Office)
  • Professor Liz David-Barrett (University of Sussex)
  • Gillian Jones QC (Red Lion Chambers)
  • Karis McLarty (Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc)
  • Barnaby Hone (5SAH and IALS)