E.g., 19/06/2022
E.g., 19/06/2022
thumbnail Legislative Drafting and Language Workshop
  • Constantin Stefanou, Director, Sir William Dale Centre for Legislative Drafting, IALS
  • Giulia Adriana Pennisi, Professor, English Language and Translation, University of Palermo
  • Helen Xanthaki, Professor of Law, University College London
  • Daniel Greenberg CB, Counsel for Domestic Legislation
  • Maria Mousmouti Lecturer, IALS; Executive Director, Centre for European Constitutional Law (Greece)
thumbnail Reflecting on ‘Blackstone’s Tower’
  • Professor William Twining
  • Professor Fiona Cownie (Keele) & Dr Emma Jones (Sheffield)
  • Professor David Sugarman (Lancaster)
  • Dr Foluke Adebisi (Bristol)
  • Professor Chris Ashford (Northumbria)
  • Professor Richard Collier (Newcastle)
  • Dr Jess Guth (Independent Researcher)
  • Dr Abigail Pearson (Keele)
  • Professor Steven Vaughan (UCL)
  • Professor Anthony Bradney (Keele)
thumbnail Algorithmic Discrimination and Decolonisation: Regulation and Design
  • Prof. Dr. J.H. (Janneke) Gerards Professor of Law, Economics, and Governance School of Law Utrecht University
  • Dr Raphaële Xenidis, Lecturer in Law, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Rachel Adams Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa
  • Professor Rafael A. Calvo Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London


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