Individual Jurisdictions


Global regulation offers English language machine translations of laws from 95 countries. The full service requires a subscription, however there is a limited offering of free searches. A simple search is available from the home page; once a simple search has been run, it is possible to access advanced search options. The advanced search offers Boolean connectors and allows users to weight the importance of terms. It is possible to filter results by country and/or year. Searching is only available in English, but it is possible to view the original language version of a translated law.

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

DOAJ is a gateway to open-access scholarly journals on the web. Journals cover all areas of science, technology, medicine, social science, humanities and law. To be included in the directory a journal must be available full text, free of charge and must be peer-reviewed or subject to editorial quality-control. Journals and their articles are classified using a Library of Congress tree structure that can be browsed or searched. There are currently 279 legal journals included in the directory.

Online Privacy Laws

Two-volume report produced by the Law Library of Congress in 2012 and available on the library's website. Volume one describes the European Union’s data protection regime and volume two outlines the data protection law of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The report’s footnotes include links to legislation and other instruments.

FOG Database

The Foreign Official Gazette database (FOG) is a tool for locating collections of official gazettes in major libraries and archives, tracking title changes and looking up other details about particular official gazettes; it does not contain full-text material. FOG covers about 650 titles, from all around the world, held in American libraries or at the UK’s National Archives. The database can be searched by jurisdiction and/or holding institution. FOG is provided by the Centre for Research Libraries, an international consortium founded in 1949 and based in the United States.

Legal Education Research Network

Website of the Legal Education Research Network (LERN). LERN is a long-established active network of UK researchers interested in legal education. One of its core aims is to support researchers, through a range of activities, including through its members providing advice and support for each other, such as by suggesting useful source materials, reading draft questionnaires, piloting them and looking over interview schedules. is the official website for United States federal legislative information, launched in September 2012. The service includes bill texts, summary and status information with a timeline feature. The Congressional Record is available from 1989/90 (101st Congress) onwards. There are also member profiles showing legislation sponsored and co-sponsored.


Jurispedia, the shared law, is an academic project utilising an open source Wiki format which aims to offer information about all of the laws of every country in the world and is concerned with systems of law as well as legal and political sciences. The service provides information about the law and user-contributed articles relating to thirty countries currently.

Jurist: World Law

The World Law page of the Jurist website offers a set of guides to the legal systems of the world. Each country’s guide covers the Constitution, government and legislation, courts and judgments, human rights, the legal profession and law schools. Links to key websites for each country are also provided. Jurist is a legal education website provided by the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

Country based search engines

Directory of internet search engines that cover the websites of individual countries. Also includes search engines that cover a specific region within a country and search engines that cover supra-national regions such as the Middle East, the Baltic and Europe. The directory is provided by Phil Bradley, a UK IT consultant