Individual Jurisdictions

Constitution Finder

A global directory of constitutions on the web, provided by the School of Law at the University of Richmond in the United States. Consists of an alphabetical list of countries, with links to their constitutions; both current and historical constitutions are included. Most are available in English translation, but a few are only in other languages.

Doing business: law library

Gateway to business laws and regulations from all over the world, compiled by the World Bank’s Doing Business project. Gives links to official sources as far as possible, and many of the texts are in English translation. Can be browsed by country or region. The areas of law covered are: banking, bankruptcy, civil codes, civil procedure, commercial and company law, constitutional law, employment law, land and building law, privacy, securities, tax and trade.

Sovereign Base Areas Cyprus

The Sovereign Base Areas (SBA) of Cyprus are British overseas territories with their own administration and legal system. Almost all current SBA legislation is available on the SBA website via an index of legislation in force. There is also an index to repealed and revoked legislation, a list of multilateral treaties applicable to the SBA and a set of constitutional documents. There are descriptions of the court system and procedure, but no judgments are available.

Focus Business Services

Focus Business Services provides law, tax, accounting and other services for international clients. Cyprus double taxation treaties and Cypriot tax and companies legislation are available in English on its website, together with general tax and company information relating to Cyprus.


Law firm Ogier advises on the law of the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Guernsey and Jersey. Its website includes a library of client briefings relating to many areas of law in these jurisdictions, including banking and finance, companies, litigation, trusts, property, insolvency, employment. Some information is also available about the law of Bahrain, Ireland, Hong Kong, the UK and Japan.

Mourant Ozannes

Offshore law firm Mourant Ozannes advises on the law of Jersey, Guernsey and the Cayman Islands. Its website makes available a set of client briefings relating to the law of banking and finance, companies, litigation, trusts and insolvency in these jurisdictions.

Parliament of Canada

The website of the Parliament of Canada provides information about the work, organisation and history of the Canadian Senate, House of Commons and parliamentary committees. Details of current legislation and the work of previous sessions are given. Debates and committee minutes are available from 1996 onwards and bills or acts from 1994 onwards . Other official publications on the site include committee reports and minutes of committee proceedings. There is a directory of current Members of both Houses. The About Parliament section includes historical and procedural information.

Web links: Canada

Set of links to Canadian law websites, compiled by the Law Library at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Toronto. Covers research guides and gateways; legislative materials and treaties; courts and caselaw; government; news; law schools and libraries; law societies and organizations; law firm directories; publishers; and blogs. provides details of newly-published Canadian law books from five different publishers. It does this by aggregating RSS feeds from the publishers’ websites. In addition to the list of recent publications, there is a search facility covering all the publishers at once. Users can subscribe to email alerts or an RSS feed. The site is run by Steve Matthews of Stem Legal, a company which seeks to advance the use of the internet by the law sector.