Individual Jurisdictions

Public Services Ombudsman for Wales

The Public Services Ombudsman for Wales is the organisation with responsibility for investigating complaints made by members of the public about the way they have been treated by a public body. The Ombudsman deals with complaints made about local government, National Health Service organisations - including GPs - housing associations and the Welsh Assembly Government. The website provides information about the role of the Ombudsman and includes details of the complaints procedure, investigation reports and annual reports.

Australian Government: The Treasury

Official website of the Australian Treasury the department with responsibility for the Government’s economic policy. The site has organisational information and profiles of ministers. There is information and documentation on the Treasury’s areas of responsibility including company law and corporate governance, economic issues, financial services, foreign investment and taxation. Publications made available on the website include press releases, speeches, consultation documents, working papers, policy documents and annual reports.

Australian Government: Department of Finance and Deregulation

Official website of the Australian Department of Finance and Deregulation whose areas of responsibility cover delivery of the Australian Government Budget, deregulation reform, financial management of public sector bodies and government procurement. The site has information on the structure of the Department and its Business Groups. Legislation administered by the Department is linked to on the site and there are policy and corporate documents and budgetary information available to view.

Rules of warfare, arms control

The Rules of warfare, arms control page forms part of the Multilaterals Project at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. The project provides the text of international treaties and conventions covering various subjects. This section has the Hague Conventions, the Geneva Conventions and other texts dealing with the laws of war.

Canine detection evidence

Online guide focusing on the use of canine scent detection evidence in US law, by Ken Strutin, Director of Legal Information Services at the New York State Defenders Association. The article was published in 2010 on (Law Library Resource Xchange) a free online web journal for legal information professionals.

Law Commission of Sri Lanka

Official website of the Law Commission of Sri Lanka, a statutory body established in 1969 to keep Sri Lankan law under review by updating, modernising and simplifying legislation. The site gives details of the Commission's work programme and provides its reports from 2006 onwards, as well as making available the Law Commission Act 1969.

Judiciary of Scotland

The website of the Scottish Judiciary provides information on the roles and work of judges in Scotland and on the structure of the Scottish court system. It includes practical information for people attending court , a selection of decisions, sentencing statements and Fatal Accident Inquiry (FAI) determinations. Publications and responses to government consultations can also be viewed on the site.

Judgepedia- an interactive encyclopaedia of courts and judges

The Judgepedia website is a wiki focusing on United States courts and judges. Anyone can contribute to the wiki by registering on the site. Judgepedia is sponsored by the Lucy Burns Institute a non-profit organisation concerned with helping people access public records. Information is organised under four main headings: Federal Courts; State Courts; Judicial Selection and Judicial Philosophy. There is also a page of news stories and a Judgepedia community page. Within these sections can be found information about each court, its judges and links to court websites.

Genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity- a digest of the case law of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

Online (PDF) version of a report published by Human Rights Watch which provides a digest of judgements of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. The digest is organised by subject including genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, individual responsibility, command responsibility and fair trial requirements and includes judgements available up to the end of 2008.