Individual Jurisdictions

Rutgers Law Journal

The Rutgers Law Journal is the law review for the Rutgers University School of Law at Camden, USA and is edited by second and third year students. Each annual volume of the Law Journal comprises 4 issues, with each issue containing a collection of articles, notes, book reviews, development pieces and comments. Articles concentrate on current and interesting legal scholarship as well as some interdisciplinary topics of particular interest to the legal community. A special annual issue on State Constitutional Law under the supervision of Professor Robert F.

International Constitutional Law

International Constitutional Law (ICL) provides English translations of constitutional documents from many countries of the world. Documents are cross-referenced to enable comparison of constitutional provisions. The site is edited by Professor Axel Tschentscher, LL.M of the University of Bern in Switzerland and details are given of other contributors. The site provides online constitutions, background and historical information for a number of countries along with more limited information other countries.

Law and Justice in Latin America

The Law and Justice page of the Latin American Network Information Center at the University of Texas (LANIC) brings together legal links to regional organisations and to major legal resources and websites of Latin American and central South American countries. There is also a section providing links to international resources.

Legal 500

Online versions of Legalease's directories to the legal profession: Legal 500, Asia Pacific Legal 500 and the US Legal 500 and the Europe, Middle East and Africa Legal 500. The site lists legal practitioners and firms from all over the world, searchable by country and region. Overviews of the legal market in each country are given along with legal news and law firm news. There are articles on different specialisations within commercial law written by legal practitioners.

Hieros Gamos

Hieros Gamos is a comprehensive legal site providing access to United States law and to legal and government resources in 230 countries. There are directories of law firms worldwide and to many other US based legal professionals including experts and court reporters. Resources are organised thematically including sections dealing with legal careers, students, professional organisations, legal publications and the practice of law. The Law Business Center has links to information resources covering e-commerce, business finance and starting a business.

World Law Bulletin

The World Law Bulletin is published monthly by the Directorate of Legal Research at the Law Library of Congress and is distributed to members of the United States Congress. The online version is made freely available on the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) website as part of their Project on Government Secrecy. Issues are available in full-text (PDF) from 2000 to March 2006. After this date the bulletin becomes the Global Legal Monitor which is described separately on Intute. The bulletin provides news items on foreign law developments including links to original sources.

Representing Children Worldwide

Representing Children Worldwide (RCW) was a research project of the Yale Law School conducted during 2005 by Clinical Professor Jean Koh Peters. The research is described as being a "global snapshot of legal provisions to guarantee children's right to express views freely in child protective proceedings". The project was concerned with child protection proceedings in the United States and other countries that are signatories to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child (UNCRC). The site provides a summary of the research.

Basic guide to researching foreign law

Online guide to researching foreign law written by Mary Rumsey who is Foreign, Comparative & International Law Librarian at the University of Minnesota. The guide was published in 2005 and updated in 2016 on the Globalex website and is made freely available by the Hauser Global Law School Program at the New York University School of Law. The author focuses on finding the laws of countries other than the U.S and emphasises statute rather than case law.

Commonwealth Legal Information Institute

The Commonwealth Legal Information Institute (CommonLII) is a cooperative legal information initiative led by AustLII (the Australasian Legal Information Institute) providing access to freely available legal materials from all Commonwealth countries. CommonLII contains over 400 databases providing case law, legislation, treaties and law reform reports from more than 50 Commonwealth and common law countries and territories.