Individual Jurisdictions

Copyright Watch

Website of Copyright Watch, a site providing access to national copyright laws worldwide, established by copyright experts from the Access to Knowledge community. The site is hosted by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. National copyright laws are accessed via a drop down menu listing countries included on the site. Each country section has an introduction to the country, details of membership to international organisations such as World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and links to full text national copyright laws.

Know Your Country

Know Your Country is a website providing information and guidance on anti-money laundering legislation and country risk. The site is managed by Gary Youinou, who has experience in the offshore financial industry. The site provides information on over 120 countries compiled from government, institutional and regulatory bodies such as the United Nations, the OECD, the World Bank Group and the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). Information is arranged alphabetically by country.

International Humanitarian Law- National Implementation Database

The National Implementation Database provides access to documentation and commentary regarding the implementation of international humanitarian law (IHL) at state level. The database is made freely available on the website of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and can be browsed by country and by the type of materials held. Materials are organised under the following headings: General Comment (including constitutions and information on institutions responsible for implementing IHL); Implementing Laws and Regulations and National Case Law.

Rule of Law in Armed Conflicts Project

The Rule of Law in Armed Conflicts (RULAC) Project is an initiative of the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights. The aim of the project is to "report on every State and disputed territory in the world, addressing both the legal norms that apply as well as the extent to which they are respected by the relevant actors." The website provides background information to international humanitarian law, international human rights law, international criminal law and international refugee law.

Law and Legal Studies

Website providing background information and guidance to the British Library's databases and collections focusing on law. There is a link to the British Library Integrated Catalogue and an annotated list of free and subscription electronic legal resources including gateways and portals, bibliographic databases and e-journal collections, legislation, case law and resource collections arranged by jurisdiction.

International Treaties Collection

The International Treaties Collection is a project of WorldLII (World Legal Information Institute) which brings together collections of multilateral and bilateral treaties from the following Legal Information Institute (LIIs): AsianLII; AustLII; HKLII; NZLII; PacLII and CommonLII. The content includes treaties sponsored by many different intergovernmental organisations, from APEC to WIPO, together with numerous national treaty series; these collections can be searched individually or together, or browsed individually.

World Society of Mixed Jurisdiction Jurists

Website of the World Society of Mixed Jurisdiction Jurists (WSMJJ) an organisation made up of law faculties, individuals and international organisations whose aim is to study jurisdictions with mixed legal systems (including both civil law and common law traditions) around the world. These include South Africa, Scotland, Israel, Quebec, the Philippines and Puerto Rico. The site gives contact details for officers and members, information on conferences and events held by the Society and publications produced by WSMJJ. 

Conditions of Work and Employment Database

This legal database is a collection of employment and conditions of employment laws made freely available by the Conditions of Work and Employment Programme (TRAVAIL) at the International Labour Organization (ILO). The database is organised into three sections covering maternity protection, minimum wages and working time. Legislation relating to maternity protection covers maternity leave, protection from discrimination and health protection.

International Insolvency Institute

Website of the International Insolvency Institute, a non-profit organisation whose members include insolvency practitioners, judges and academics. The aim of the III is to promote insolvency as a discipline, improve international cooperation and provide access to insolvency related materials. The site includes organisational information, details of committees and events and a members' directory. A collection of international insolvency resources includes information on and links to international treaties, co-operation initiatives and professional association projects.

Trusts, Settlements and Estates Manual

Online version of the Trusts, Settlements and Estates Manual (TSEM1000) published by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). and made freely available on the HMRC website. There is an introduction to trusts and sections providing guidance to the legislation and the legal background covering the law in England and Wales and in Scotland. There is a section on the difference types of trusts and on trusts set up for particular purposes such as employment related-trusts or heritage maintenance funds. Other sections deal with trust enquires, trust income and trust management expenses.