Global regulation offers English language machine translations of laws from 95 countries. The full service requires a subscription, however there is a limited offering of free searches. A simple search is available from the home page; once a simple search has been run, it is possible to access advanced search options. The advanced search offers Boolean connectors and allows users to weight the importance of terms. It is possible to filter results by country and/or year. Searching is only available in English, but it is possible to view the original language version of a translated law.

Juriglobe: world legal systems

Website of JuriGlobe a research group of the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa. The site provides data on the different legal systems in the world- civil law, common law, Muslim law, customary law and mixed systems- and gives a directory of jurisdictions using each of the systems. The information is presented in different ways showing legal systems by geographic region, the systems used by United Nations member states and by population distribution.

Canada Treaty Information

Official website published by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, to explain the treaty-making process and policy in Canada, with definitions of treaties and details of how treaties are published. There is also an introduction to the work of the Treaty Law Division of Canada. A list of Canadian treaties is presented, which can be searched and displayed by treaty type (bilateral, multilateral, and plurilateral) or by text words or subject matter. The entry for each treaty indicates the place and date of signature, the date of entry into force, parties, and subject matter.

Société Québécoise d'Information Juridique

The Société Québécoise d'Information Juridique, SOQUIJ, produces a range of priced publications and products aimed at law schools and the legal profession. But its website also includes content freely available to everyone, “services aux citoyens” and “ressources pour tous”. Court decisions from the Cour du Québec and from other Quebec courts and tribunals are online, as well as decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada and federal courts. Decisions date from 2000 mainly, and are mostly in French with some decisions translated into English.

CISG Canada

A Canadian website about the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) (1980), which was implemented in 1992 in Canada. The site is hosted by Osgoode Hall Law School and is aimed at academic and practising lawyers. It is intended as guidance on the functioning of the CISG in Canadian exports and imports. It includes the Convention in English and French versions, some relevant Canadian legislation and case law, and some links to online commentary and a bibliography.

Aboriginal Justice Strategy

The web pages of the Aboriginal Justice Strategy are part of the Canadian Ministry of Justice website. The Strategy began in 1997 and aims to reduce victimisation and crime among aboriginal people in Canada, and to improve the administration of justice for aboriginal communities in Canada. Many of the publications associated with the strategy are presented in full text, including reports, fact sheets and evaluations.

Dispute Resolution and Legal Development in Bangladesh - Links

Provided by Peacemakers Trust, a charitable organisation dedicated to research and education on conflict transformation and peacebuilding, this webpage contains concise information and links to fifty plus government and civil society organisations, agencies and individuals. Compiled by Catherine Morris, it covers legal development, alternative dispute resolution, court caseflow management, human rights, violence prevention, good governance and also provides information on resources such as libraries, news sources and bibliographies on Bangladesh.

International Investment Arbitration and Public Policy

Website and research tool offering open access to research and data on international investment arbitration. The service includes: a database of known arbitration cases decided under investment treaties; access to investment arbitration cases by policy area (such as agriculture, environmental protection, taxation); a compilation of the appointment records of individual arbitrators who have sat in investment arbitration cases; and other information and commentary on the system of international investment arbitration.