Isle of Man Legislation

The official Isle of Man legislation websit,e providing free, open access to all current Acts of Tynwald consolidated to show all amendments. Each of the current acts shows the act consolidated to September 2012. The site offers browse and search facilties and features: current acts presented alphabetically or by subject, with a point in time function allowing previous versions of acts to be viewed; a table of changes made to acts showing the source of amendments and the date they came into effect; all acts published “as enacted” since 2001; all acts repealed since September 2012.


Tynwald is the Isle of Man parliament. Its website provides publications such as Hansard (1997/98 onwards), recent bills, committee reports (2000/01 onwards) and order papers (1997/98 onwards). Information is available about the progress of current bills, parliamentary procedure and the history of Tynwald. The site also includes press releases and lists past and present Members of Tynwald.


The website of this Isle of Man law firm provides a collection of legal and business guides relating to the jurisdiction. The areas of law covered include taxation, trusts, companies and conveyancing.

Isle of Man Government

Official website for the government of the Isle of Man. It provides official information and guidance from the various government departments, arranged by subject. There are links to government consultations and to a database of company information. The site is primarily designed for members of the public.


Cains is an international law firm based in the Isle of Man, specialising in banking, financial, commercial, litigation and shipping law. Its website provides information about the firm's services and profiles of staff. There is background information about the Isle of Man including sections on the government, legal system, international relations, regulation and taxation.

Isle of Man Law Society

Website of the Isle of Man Law Society, which represents and regulates advocates practising in the Isle of Man. The site provides information about the history, role and organisation of the Society, along with a selection of FAQs. There is a directory of members which can be searched or browsed by company name, practice area or individual member. Parts of the site are restricted to members only.

Legislation On-Line

A collection Isle of Man legislation prepared by the Isle of Man Attorney General's Chambers. Includes acts in force, repealed acts and orders in council in force. Also provides recent secondary legislation (2000 onwards) as originally made. The website is under development and a disclaimer warns that there may be errors in the legislative texts. The instruments can be browsed chronologically or alphabetically; there are also basic and advanced search facilities. The Isle of Man is a self-governing dependency of the British Crown and is not part of the United Kingdom.

Manx Church Legislation

A collection of statutory materials, articles, and commentaries concerned with the ecclesiastical law of the Isle of Man. Acts and regulations of Tynwald carried by the site include: Church Legislation Procedure Act 1993, Church Representation Rules as they have effect in the Isle of Man, and the Marriage Act 1984. Further documents on the site cover issues such as: the ordination of women priests, tenure of church wardens and maintenance of church records. The documents are listed in a table with a note on content and link to full-text.

Isle of Man Courts of Justice

The official website of the Isle of Man courts. The site provides information about the structure of the Manx courts and the functions of the Civil Division, Summary Courts, Magistrates Courts, the Coroner and other courts on the island. Court rules, procedures and forms can be downloaded. Recent judgments are available, and earlier ones may be accessed via a link to Isle of Man Judgments Online. The Isle of Man is a self-governing Crown dependency which is not part of the United Kingdom.

Isle of Man Judgments Online

This site provides judgments handed down by the Isle of Man Courts of Justice. It has has all judgments delivered from 2002 onwards and the majority delivered between 2000 and 2001. Judgments of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (Supreme Court of the Isle of Man) and relevant judgments of the European Court of Human Rights are also provided. Cases can be browsed by court or searched by keyword or case number. The Isle of Man is a self-governing Crown dependency which does not form part of the United Kingdom.