Global law

National Data Privacy Legislation

A database of data privacy legislation from jurisdictions across the world, with data privacy laws dating from 1970 until the present. Full-text legislation is available in PDF form and searchable by year and country. Some sub-national laws are included and versions of some laws in different languages (including English if possible) are also available. The database is hosted and maintained by WorldLII.


WorldCat is an online library catalogue covering the print and electronic collections of about 10,000 libraries, including national, academic, special and public libraries. Although it has contributing libraries from all over the world, the majority are based in the US or Europe. WorldCat has basic and advanced search facilities and it covers book, serials and other material on all subjects. Search results can be sorted and filtered, and WorldCat will tell you if a particular item is held in a nearby library.


A database giving details of nearly 2,000 selected legal technology companies from around the world. It can be searched, or browsed by the following categories: fields of analytics, compliance, document automation, legal education, legal research, the marketplace, online dispute resolution, practice management and e-discovery; each record is tagged with more specific terms. LegalTechList is provided by CodeX, the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, at Stanford University in the United States.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project

Large collection of historical texts provided by Fordham University in the US, for the benefit of schools, colleges and universities. The Special Resources section includes collections of ancient and medieval legal texts. The ancient legal texts come from the near East, Japan, China, India, Greece and Rome. The medieval texts relate to Jewish law, Islamic law, Roman law, canon law, Germanic law, Continental European law and English law.

Red: Revista Electrónica de Direito

RED - Revista Electrónica de Direito is a full-text electronic journal published by the law faculty of the University of Porto and its Legal and Economic Research Centre. The journal aims to encourage research and dissemination in the areas of legal-business and legal-economic sciences, with particular focus on comparative law, European law and contributions from different Portuguese speaking countries. The peer reviewed journal is published every four months and articles may appear in Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, English or German.

DipLawMatic Dialogues

DipLawMatic Dialogues is the official blog of the Foreign, Comparative and International Law Special Interest Section (FCIL-SIS) of the American Association of Law Libraries. The blog is intended as a forum for the exchange of ideas for FCIL-SIS members, other law librarians, and anyone with an interest in foreign, comparative and international law or law librarianship. The blog has a simple search function and it is possible to browse by category. The available archives go back to December 2013.

Law collections: special collections from Cornell University Law Library

The special collections page of the Cornell University Law Library website makes available a number of digitised collections, as well as information on special print collections. The digitised material is arranged in four discrete collections: the collections of Liberian Law; the Donovan Nuremberg Trials collection; the Scottsboro Trials collection; the Trial Pamphlets collection. Each of the digitised collections is searchable by full-text, title, author, publisher, publication date and subject. Filters make it possible to browse the collections.


Global regulation offers English language machine translations of laws from 95 countries. The full service requires a subscription, however there is a limited offering of free searches. A simple search is available from the home page; once a simple search has been run, it is possible to access advanced search options. The advanced search offers Boolean connectors and allows users to weight the importance of terms. It is possible to filter results by country and/or year. Searching is only available in English, but it is possible to view the original language version of a translated law.

Cloud Legal Project

The Cloud Legal Project (CLP) is an initiative of the Centre for Commercial Law Studies at Queen Mary University of London. The project undertakes research in the areas of law and regulation of cloud computing services. The website makes available general information about the project as well as information on areas of current research, research papers and consultation responses. The majority of research papers are made available via links to the SSRN website. A news section gives updates on recent activities of the project.

ELSA Law Review

The ELSA Law Review is a peer-reviewed journal edited by law students and published by the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA). First established in 1989, the journal ran till 1996 and was revived in 2015. It is available online free of charge, or in printed format by subscription. The main focus of the journal is on human rights law in an international context, but it also covers other legal topics.