European Commission: Banking Union

This section of the European Commission website provides information on the Banking Union which was set up following the financial crisis to create a safer financial sector for the single market. The first two ‘pillars’ of the Banking Union are a single supervisory mechanism (SSM) and single resolution mechanism (SRM). These are explained on the site, and links are given to related documents and EU directives.

Banking laws of Slovenia

This collection of banking laws and regulations is made freely available online by the Bank of Slovenia (the central bank of the Republic of Slovenia). There is legislation covering banking supervision, banknotes and coins, foreign exchange, monetary policy, money laundering and payment services and systems. The site can be viewed in English and Slovenian and most of the legislation is provided in English. Documents can be downloaded in full text in PDF.

Bank of England

The official site for the Bank of England. Contains information about the history of the Bank, monetary policy in the UK and the Bank's role in supervising banking and the financial system. It also contains press releases, statistics, bulletins, summaries of inflation reports, details of the Bank's museum and archives and an education section. In addition, the site provideslegislation relating to the Bank, including the Bank of England Act 1694 and the Bank of England Act 1998.

Swiss Bankers Association

The Swiss Bankers Association is the representative association for financial institutions in Switzerland. Publications include a code of conduct, papers on risk management, and press releases, and are available in PDF. The feature on SPSS discusses Swiss Performance Presentation Standards, which are used to ensure performance reporting by banks in Switzerland. A feature on legislation and self-regulation outlines the legislative and regulatory framework in the Swiss financial services sector.

European Central Bank (ECB)

The European Central Bank (ECB) implements the monetary policy of the European Union, and in particular maintains the European System of Central Banks. It is the central bank for the European single currency, the euro. Its website has news, statistics and information on the euro, monetary policy, payments and markets. The ECB's reports, reviews and papers are available on the website, as are its Monthly Bulletin, Economic Bulletin

European Investment Bank (EIB)

The European Investment Bank is the official body which finances capital investment in the EU and seeks to promote European Union economic policy. Its activities include: fostering economic development of the poorer European regions, financing urban renewal projects and promoting competitiveness of industry. The EIB website contains the full-text of the statute which sets out its role, it also includes its most recent annual report, press releases and other publications. Information is also available on current projects and there is a list of recent publications.

Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG)

The Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG) is is a Montreal-based independent research and media group of progressive writers, academics and activists who are critical of globalisation and the New World Order. In their view, globalisation and war are connected and lead to a concentration of private wealth. This site exposes the activities of global banks, financial institutions and multinationals. There are articles on the latest news events. There are archives of earlier news articles and links to other websites with similar sympathies to CRG.