comparative law

Taxation of Real Estate Transactions: A Comparative Study of Selected Mediterranean Jurisdictions

Online guide to the legal and tax framework for foreigners acquiring real estate in Portugal, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lebanon and Montenegro, written by Marin Ljubić who is a Candidate of Postgraduate Doctoral Study at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. The guide was published in 2022 on the Globalex website and made freely available by the Hauser Global Law School Program at the New York University School of Law. For each jurisdiction the author looks at whether foreigners can purchase real estate, which taxes are applied and gives links to relevant legislation.

British Association of Comparative Law

 The British Association of Comparative Law (BACL) is an organisation dedicated to promoting “comparative legal research and teaching throughout the UK”. Its membership is open to staff of UK universities with areas of research and activities involving comparative law. Along with the Scottish Association of Comparative Law, BACL organises the national reports submitted to the International Congress of Comparative Law. BACL coordinates annual seminars and postgraduate workshops on comparative law. The site contains a blog that posts regular online publications on comparative law.

Red: Revista Electrónica de Direito

RED - Revista Electrónica de Direito is a full-text electronic journal published by the law faculty of the University of Porto and its Legal and Economic Research Centre. The journal aims to encourage research and dissemination in the areas of legal-business and legal-economic sciences, with particular focus on comparative law, European law and contributions from different Portuguese speaking countries. The peer reviewed journal is published every four months and articles may appear in Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, English or German.

Colonial Cases

Website collecting previously-hidden case law of the British empire's colonial and consular courts. Compiled by Bruce Kercher of Macquarie University in Australia, the site has background and historical information about the case law of colonial courts and the sources used to identify cases. It makes available colonial cases from almost 100 different jurisdictions around the world, including less well-known colonial courts in places such as East and South-East Asia.

A Comparative Analysis of Restorative Justice Practices in Africa

This online guide looks at restorative justice as practised in six African countries: South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana and Rwanda. The guide was written by Julena Jumbe Gabagambi who is Assistant Lecturer in Law at the University of Iringa in Tanzania and was published in 2018 on the Globalex website and made freely available by the Hauser Global Law School Program at the New York University School of Law. There is background information on restorative justice in Africa and its treatment in the legal literature.

The World’s Abortion Laws

Continually-updated interactive map of global abortion laws, produced by the Center for Reproductive Rights, a non-profit legal advocacy organisation based in the United States. The map is colour-coded to show how restrictive or liberal each jurisdiction’s abortion regime is, and further details are available when users click on a country. The ‘In Focus’ feature provides the text of abortion provisions for 56 key jurisdictions. The map is downloadabe in pdf format. The interactive version has a search facility and a country comparison tool.

Online Privacy Laws

Two-volume report produced by the Law Library of Congress in 2012 and available on the library's website. Volume one describes the European Union’s data protection regime and volume two outlines the data protection law of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The report’s footnotes include links to legislation and other instruments.

International Academy of Comparative Law

The International Academy of Comparative Law was established in 1924 to promote the study of comparative law and to bring together comparative law scholars from all over the world. Its website provides information about the Academy’s officers, members, national committees and congresses, together with its statutes and bye-laws and brief details of its publications. There is a blog called ‘Blogcomparatum’, covering legislative reform, cases, books and academic events.The site is in French and English.

IBFD Library Catalogue

IBFD’s online Library Catalogue can be used to search for journal articles on international and comparative taxation, as well as the more usual book titles and journal titles. The IBFD Catalogue indexes articles from tax journals published all over the world. For the latest items, see ‘New in the Catalogue’. Amsterdam-based IBFD (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation) is a leading authority on cross-border taxation.


French-language website providing an introduction to about 150 of the world’s legal systems, together with an overview of many comparative law topics and introductions to selected. international organisations. LegiGlobe is an initiative of the Réseau Francophone de Diffusion du Droit (RF2D), supported by the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie. The website can be browsed by country, international organisation or comparative law topic. There is also a site index and a collection of useful links.