comparative law

International Law Association

Website of the International Law Association (ILA), an organization which was established in 1873 to study international law and promote its development. Its work includes the drafting of rules and treaties and the production of commissioned reports. The site presents information about the Association, its history, officers and current activities. Issues of the ILA Newsletter are also available, and the committee pages include conference reports and resolutions.

METRO: Institute for Transnational Legal Research

Website for METRO, Maastricht University's Institute for Transnational Legal Research. Information is provided on the work and aims of the Institute with outlines of its interdisciplinary research programmes, covering matters such as human rights, women and law, constitutional law, and the legal aspects of business and enterprise. METRO specialises in transnational research dealing with issues of European and international integration and identifying common ground amongst the legal systems of European Union member states.

FLAG Foreign Law Guide

FLAG is a searchable directory of foreign and international law holdings in UK libraries. It helps to identify the best locations for particular materials and so makes foreign and international law more accessible to researchers. The database can be searched by jurisdiction, type of legal literature, and/or region of the UK in which the material is available. The FLAG website also provides background information, reports and other documentation, together with details of database updates.

Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Social Law

This website gives an introduction to the Max-Planck-Institut für Ausländisches und Internationales Sozialrecht, its staff, Library, teaching and research, in both English and German. Details of the Institute's publications are provided, including contents lists for its journal, "Zeitsschrift für Ausländisches und Internationales Arbeits-und Sozialrecht" (ZIAS), from volume 16 issue 3 (2002) onwards.

Portail Thématique Droit (Bibliothèque de l'Université de Laval)

Web pages of documentary guidance and links to legal resources, maintained by the library of the Université de Laval in Quebec, Canada. The site is predominantly in French, and divided into several sections providing links to various aspects of law. These include civil law including the Civil Code of Quebec, public law, commercial law, international law and the history of law. Some of the links give access to material in English as well as French.

Tilburg Internet Law Library (Portill)

An Internet law library and resource site created by the Faculty of Law at Tilburg University. The Library contains links to legal materials on the Internet arranged in sections covering: Law by Topic, Legislation, Case Law, Government and organisations. Linked resources include primary law sources world wide with the sources stored and sorted by region and country and accessed via an interactive map. The site also contains links to journals, mailing lists and newsgroups. An acquisitions list on the home page lists the last 20 links added to the Library.

American Society of Comparative Law

The American Society of Comparative Law (ASCL) promotes the study of foreign and comparative law in the United States. It publishes the American Journal of Comparative Law and organises events and meetings. The ASCL website provides a seardchable index to the Journal from 1952 to 2006. Details of recent conferences and meetings are available under "Programs". The site also outlines the Society's research opportunities and interests. A Links feature gives access to selected resources on international and comparative law.

Eagle-i Service

Eagle-i is a legal information gateway service developed by the Library at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in the School of Advanced Study, University of London. The service aims to identify, classify and publish comprehensive links to substantive materials and legal-interest resources worldwide. The service includes pull down menus and structured link pages that pinpoint resources and offer them by jurisdiction, organisation, and subject topic.


An extensive collection of structured links to world legal information resources on the internet, maintained by Lexadin, the legal technology service based in the Netherlands. The guide offers thousands of links to legal sites in more than 40 countries. The links are organised under the following headings, and subdivided by country: law firms, legislation, law schools, courts and cases, articles and organisations. The site offers users the option to suggest other useful resources under its "add a site" button.

University of Western Australia Law Review

Website for an academic refereed law review published by the University of Western Australia Law School since 1948 on an approximately annual basis. The Review considers a broad range of legal topics and issues from an Australian and international perspective. The site provides contents of issues and overviews of articles published from 1993 onwards to date. A cumulative index covers items published from 1982-1992. Notes to authors, a style guide and information about the editorial board, subscriptions and advertising rates are also available.