constitutional law

Constitution of Finland

Hosted by Finland's Ministry of Justice (FINLEX), texts of the constitution updated to 2012 are available in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian. Further texts of the constitution as 2000 are available in German, French, Spanish and Sami.

Constitution of Greece

English translation of the Constitution of Greece, archived from the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and now available on the Hellenic Resources Network site. The Constitution is made up of basic provisions, individual and social rights, organisations and functions of the State, and special provisions.


A legal resource site focusing on India, its government, legal system and courts. The site contains a collection of links to leading law sites in India and around the world. Indian materials include: overviews of Indian statutes, links to the code and constitution, links to the Supreme Court, Bombay High Court and other High Courts of India.

BIJUS: Dokumentarische Schnittstelle zweier Rechtskulturen

BIJUS is a joint project between the Universities of Saarland in Germany and Nancy in France to promote communication between French and German lawyers. The first part is a bibliography to enable German lawyers to search for books on French law by using terms in German. The reverse is available in French. The second part provides a small selection of full-text key legislation in both French and German. All information is freely available and does not require registration or payment.

Medieval Sourcebook : Laws of William the Conqueror

The text of the Laws of William the Conqueror established in consultation with his magnates after the conquest of England. The laws affirm faith in God and a desire for peace between the English and Normans and also affirm the law of King Edward in respect of lands and possessions. Among its decrees are loyalty to the King, the King's protection of his subjects, the conduct of relations between the English and the French, and the treatment of offenders. The full-text (HTML) is available on the Medieval Sourcebook, hosted by Fordham University in the United States.

Charter of Liberties of Henry I, 1100

Full text of the Charter of Liberties of Henry I, 1100, issued by the King when he ascended the throne. The Charter granted the laws of Edward the Confessor, as amended by William the Conqueror, to the people, and established the rule of law in England. The Charter was an important pre-cursor to Magna Carta. This text is available on the Medieval Sourcebook, hosted by Fordham University in the United States.

Famous Trials

Website compiled by Doug Linder, Professor of Law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School, for educational and non-commercial purposes. Provides materials relating to famous trials, mostly American, ranging in date from the Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692, to the Clinton Impeachment Trial of 1999. World trials are also featured e.g. the trials of Socrates and Galileo and the Nuremburg Trials.

Ministry of Justice - Human Rights

This section of the UK Ministry of Justice website deals with human rights issues. The Ministry is responsible for developing human rights policy and ensuring the successful implementation of the Human Rights Act 1998. The site contains policy statements, news releases, parliamentary questions, speeches, law and judgements. Guidance on the Human Rights Act is provided for criminal justice service practitioners, officials in public authorities and people with disabilities. A link is given to the Human Rights Act on the website ''.

Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal

An electronic refereed law journal published by the Faculty of Law at North-West University in South Africa. Articles by legal scholars focus on constitutional and development law in South Africa and may be written in Afrikaans, German, English or Dutch. The site presents the current volume and a collection of earlier issues from volume 1 (1998) onwards. Recent articles have examined the enforcement of socio-economic rights in South Africa, matrimonial property regimes and the effect of globalisation on the development of constitutionalism in South Africa.