constitutional law


The Monitor (ISSN 1465-4377) is an online newsletter produced by the Constitution Unit, an independent research body on constitutional change in the UK based at University College, University of London. Monitor presents news on matters relating to UK parliamentary reform, devolved legislatures, elections and party funding, freedom of information and human rights. Issues are available in PDF from 1997 onwards. The site includes a link to the Constitution Unit's website.

American Criminal Law Review

The American Criminal Law Review is a leading US print journal of criminal law published by students at the Georgetown University Law Center. The journal is produced four times a year and features articles by professors, practitioners and others that aim to provide timely treatment of significant developments in constitutional and criminal law. Each Spring ACLR also publishes an annual survey of white collar crime. The website gives contents listings from volume 34 onwards with subscription and submission details.

Rutgers Law Journal

The Rutgers Law Journal is the law review for the Rutgers University School of Law at Camden, USA and is edited by second and third year students. Each annual volume of the Law Journal comprises 4 issues, with each issue containing a collection of articles, notes, book reviews, development pieces and comments. Articles concentrate on current and interesting legal scholarship as well as some interdisciplinary topics of particular interest to the legal community. A special annual issue on State Constitutional Law under the supervision of Professor Robert F.

Impeachment: a Constitutional Primer

This site contains the full-text of an article by Jason J. Vicente which was published in 1998 by the Cato Institute, an independent US based public policy institute. It traces the constitutional and historical origins of the process of impeachment in the United States and then discusses its use in practical situations. These include the case of Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal. Consideration is also given as to whether impeachment might occur in relation to Bill Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky case . Users should note that this article is only offered in PDF.

Constitutional Council of France

Website of the French Conseil Constitutionnel, a permanent French court created by the Constitution of the 5th Republic on 4th October 1958. The Court has powers to decide on the lawfulness of presidential elections and the conduct of referendums, and can give its opinions when consulted by the French head of state. The site offers details of the Conseil's current business and recent decisions (Actualit?s), and gives a direct link to the Constitution of 1958.

Constitutional Court of Austria

Official Website of the Austrian Constitutional Court. The site provides background information on the jurisdiction of the Court which covers the review of norms, impeachment and electoral matters.There are details of the justices, information on the organisation of the Court and how decisions are made. A selection of Austrian Federal Constitutional Laws is given in PDF along with a copy of the Constitutional Court Act 1953. A number of full-text decisions can be viewed on the site in German only. The site can be viewed in German and English.

Staatsgerichtshof Des Fürstentums Liechtenstein

Official Website of the Liechtenstein State Court, which is a constitutional court and final court of appeal. The site has information about the President, Vice president, judges and deputies of the Court. There is background information on the function and history of the State Court and a copy of the Constitutional Court Act 2003. Other information includes a bibliography of selected writings on the Liechtenstein State Court and a page of links to other Liechtenstein Websites. The site can be viewed in German, or in an English version which is not quite the same.