constitutional law

Constitutional Court of the Republic of Bulgaria

Official website of the Bulgarian Constitutional Court described on the site as being a "politically independent body which ensures the supremacy of the Constitution". There is historical and background information on the Court covering its composition, competencies and how a case can be taken to the Constitutional Court. There are profiles of the judges and a full-text copy of the Constitution. Summaries of decisions are given from 1994 onwards. A page of links to other Constitutional Courts is also given. The site can be viewed in English as well as Bulgarian.

Kituo Cha Katiba: Eastern African Centre for Constitutional Development

Kituo Cha Katiba is a research centre based at Makerere University. It aims to promote research into constitutionalism, constitutional development, constitutional law in East African nations. Main countries covered are Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zanzibar. The site provides information on the aims and work of the body. It includes access to its annual state of constitutionalism reports from 1999 to date, plus reports from its surveys and fact finding missions in East Africa.

Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Website of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The site has background information about the court, its jurisdiction and role under the Constitution along with court rules. The Constitution itself can be viewed on the site in HTML. Decisions of the court are available online back to 1997 in a range of formats. News and press releases are provided along with a selection of FAQs on making an appeal to the court. The site can be viewed in English, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian.

Lois et règlements

The Constitution and selected, codes, laws and treaties of Sénégal, as published on the official Government website. The laws and interface are presented in French, which is the official language of the Republic of Sénégal. There are codes covering a number of areas including telecommunications, environment, investment and forestry. A copy of the Constitution and other laws and regulations are also presented. All the legislation can be downloaded in full. The site can be viewed in French throughout

Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic

Official website of the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic which is the independent judicial body set up to protect constitutionality. The site has a copy of the Slovak Constitution and other relevant laws. Profiles of the justices of the Court are given along with details of international activities carried out by the Court from 2001 onwards including scheduled events for the current year. Findings and rulings of the Court from 1993 to 2003 are given in full in Slovak and as summaries in English, German and Russian. There is a page of web links to other constitutional courts.

Italian Constitutional Court

Official website of the Italian Constitutional Court. This site includes information about the work of the court including brief biographical details of its President, Vice President and judges. A calendar of public hearings and closed sessions is given along with court pronouncements and summaries (in Italian only) of judgements back to 1956. Recent judgements (from 2006 onwards), felt to be of interest to foreign users, can be viewed in English in full text.

Consulta Online

Consulta Online is a website providing information about the Italian Constitutional Court, produced by Professor Pasquale Costanzo of the University of Genoa. The site has full-text decisions of the Constitutional Court back to 1970. The Italian Constitution also available, along with other constitutional laws. There are also links to related websites. The site is almost wholly in Italian only, but background notes about the Court, and copies of the Constitution, are provided in English, French, German and Arabic.

Constitution of Azerbaijan

English translation of the Azerbaijan Constitution, provided by the University of Bern's International Constitutional Law (ICL) website. The Constitution was adopted in 1995 and covers the people's power, basic rights, liberties and responsibilities, the basis of legislative, executive and judicial power and local self government in Azerbaijan. There are links to the Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan and the President's website, along with brief background information to the Constitution.

Draft EU Convention: Full documentation Vols I & II and explanatory reports on amendments

Text of the Convention on the Future of Europe's ultimately unsuccessful European Union constitutional treaty, with related documents, on the website of Statewatch, an organisation devoted to investigative journalism and critical research in Europe in the fields of the state, justice and home affairs, civil liberties, accountability and openness. The site provides the text of the draft treaty, explanatory notes and details of amendments. In addition there are critiques and commentary from Statewatch. The site is in English.

Does the European Union Have a Constitution? Does It Need One?

Harvard Jean Monnet Working Paper 5/2000 by Jean-Claude Piris, published on the website of New York University Law School's Jean Monnet Centre for International and Regional Economic Law and Justice. The paper discusses constitutional issues relating to the European Union. This includes an examination of whether the founding treaties of the EU constitute a 'constitution' and how they could be strengthened.