human rights

The Chagos Archive

Online collection of documents, maps, photographs and videos recording the history of the people of the Chagos Islands (also known as the British Indian Ocean Territory, or BIOT), their exile when the US-UK military base was set up on Diego Garcia, and the resulting legal disputes. The archive includes US and UK official documents; UN documents; documents from court cases; birth, death and marriage records; material from Chagossian organisations; literature about the Chagos Archipelago its people; and material from the national archives of Mauritius and the Seychelles.

The Chagos Archipelago

Website about the Chagos Archipelago, or British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT). Covers the deportation of the Chagossians; the administration of the BIOT; British policy regarding the archipelago; and disputes regarding sovereignty, citizenship, the Chagossians’ right of abode and other matters. The BIOT Administration section includes a substantial collection of BIOT legislation.

Truth Commission Digital Collection

The Truth Commission Digital Collection forms part of the Margarita S. Studemeister Digital Library in International Conflict Management at the United States Institute of Peace. There are profiles of truth commissions and commissions of inquiry set up in different countries with background information, details of members, links to establishing documents and each commission's final reports and findings. Sources of information for each profile are also given.

A Brief Introduction to the Right to Privacy – An International Legal Perspective

Online guide to the right to privacy written by Md. Toriqul Islam who is research fellow at the Faculty of Law, University of Malaya in Malaysia. The guide was published in 2022 on the Globalex website and made freely available by the Hauser Global Law School Program at the New York University School of Law. The guide looks at the history, meaning and value of privacy and international and regional legal instruments which have privacy provisions including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the OECD Privacy Framework and the ASEAN Framework on Personal Data Protection.

Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals (HELP)

The Council of Europe’s HELP programme provides free online training for lawyers, prosecutors and the judiciary in the CoE member states, with the aim of enhancing the national implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights; it also provides training on the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights and European Social Charter (‘HELP in the EU’), as well as carrying out work with academia (‘HELP in Universities’). The HELP website has an e-learning platform and a catalogue of courses.

Centre of Policy and Legal Reform

The Centre of Policy and Legal Reform (CPLR) is a Ukrainian organisation whose aim is to strengthen democracy, rule of law and good governance in Ukraine. The site has information on the various projects the CPLR is working on which include an assessment of the Ukrainian justice system and a report on state anti-corruption policy. Details of publications are given (some in full text) and a weekly newsletter covers events concerning constitutionalism, political parties and elections, governance and the judiciary in Ukraine. Annual reports can be downloaded in PDF.

Researching the Right to Housing

Online guide to resources on housing rights written by S M Atia Naznin who is a lecturer at the School of Law, BRAC University, in Bangladesh. The guide was published in 2018 on the Globalex website and made freely available by the Hauser Global Law School Program at the New York University School of Law. The author provides an introduction and links to relevant sections of the UN International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights along with other related international and regional  instruments.

International Humanitarian Law

Online guide to international humanitarian legal resources written by Thamil Venthan Ananthavimayagan who is a lecturer in international law, international humanitarian law and international criminal law at Griffith College, Dublin. The guide was published in 2018 on the Globalex website and made freely available by the Hauser Global Law School Program at the New York University School of Law.

Arab Center for the Rule of Law and Integrity (ACRLI)

ACRLI is a non-governmental organization that was set up by a group of professional lawyers, judges and academics from Arab countries. It seeks to promote good governance and the rule of law in the Arab world. The Center holds events, carries out projects and publishes studies and reports. The ACRLI website provides a subscription-based database of legislation from 18 Arab jurisdictions, together with selected court decisions and references to books, journal articles and websites.

ELSA Law Review

The ELSA Law Review is a peer-reviewed journal edited by law students and published by the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA). First established in 1989, the journal ran till 1996 and was revived in 2015. It is available online free of charge, or in printed format by subscription. The main focus of the journal is on human rights law in an international context, but it also covers other legal topics.