Erskine May

The UK Parliament website provides free access to the current edition of Erskine May’s Treatise on the Law, Privileges, Proceedings and Usage of Parliament, the preeminent reference book on all aspects of UK parliamentary procedure. The book can be searched by key word, browsed by part and chapter, or accessed via the index.

Laws of the PRC

This page of the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China website provides English translations of laws recently passed by the NPC and decisions of standing committees. The NPC is the Chinese state legislature. The translations are given for information only.

Biblioteca del Poder Legislativo

The Biblioteca del Poder Legislativo is the library of the Parliament of Uruguay, and is also open to the public. The collections include national and foreign law. The library’s website has information about its history and provides access to the online catalogue. It also makes available a collection of digitised documents of historical and cultural importance, including some legal material.

Parlamento del Uruguay

Official site of the Uruguayan Parliament. Provides background information about the structure, role and work of the Parliament including the Senate Chamber, Chamber of Representatives, General Assembly and related Commissions, together with a wide range of legislation, documents and minutes, which can be searched by keyword or title. The website is in Spanish only. 

House of Oireachtas

The website of the National Parliament (Oireachtas) of Ireland. The Houses of Oireachtas consists of the President and two Houses: Dáil Éireann (House of Representatives) and Seanad Éireann (the Senate). The website contains information about the House of Oireachtas and parliamentary business including online debates, bills and legislation, questions and information on its committees. Other features include educational material, a live streaming service, research publications and information on parliamentary inquiries. Text is available in English or Gaelic.

Title Asamblea Legislativa de El Salvador

This the official website of the Asamblea Legislativa de El Salvador, the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador. The site is available in Spanish only and contains information about the history, composition, and role of the Assembly, and its 84 elected deputies. Full-text access is available to the Constitution of 1983, in addition to other legislative documents such as laws and decrees, all in PDF format.

Documents and laws - Riksdagen

English version of the Swedish Parliament’s ‘Documents and laws’ page. Includes translations of the fundamental laws - the Instrument of Government, the Act of Succession, the Freedom of the Press Act and the Fundamental Law on Freedom of Expression – and a translation of the Parliament Act. Also provides a guide to the Swiss constitution and translations of parliamentary reports (some in summary form). The page gives basic information in English about various parliamentary procedures as well, together with links to the relevant parliamentary documents (which are in Swedish).


This section of the Institute for Government (IfG) website provides information on a range of issues relating to Brexit including citizens’ rights, the European Court of Justice, the Customs Union, trade and immigration. There are papers that can be downloaded from the site on topics such as how the UK and the devolved governments should work together on leaving the EU, taking back control of trade policy, legislating Brexit and the challenges facing the civil service during Brexit. The site also has blogs written by IfG staff and gives details of events hosted by the Institute.

Parliament of Sri Lanka

The official website of the Parliament of Sri Lanka. The site has a comprehensive “How Parliament Works” section including a brief history of the parliamentary system, as well as an overview of the electoral system. Users can search or browse for acts and bills, which can be downloaded for free in pdf form, and the constitution can be viewed in full. Committee reports dating back to 2004 are also available. The site is available in English, Sinhala or Tamil.

Moroccan Chamber of Representatives

The official website for the chamber of representatives of Morocco (available in French, Arabic, Spanish and English). Includes draft laws and related documents, together with information about the progress of legislation; the Electoral Code; the Constitution; and royal speeches. Provides details of the composition of the current parliament and lists of previous members. Contains a timeline of the history of the Moroccan parliament.