Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG)

The Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG) is is a Montreal-based independent research and media group of progressive writers, academics and activists who are critical of globalisation and the New World Order. In their view, globalisation and war are connected and lead to a concentration of private wealth. This site exposes the activities of global banks, financial institutions and multinationals. There are articles on the latest news events. There are archives of earlier news articles and links to other websites with similar sympathies to CRG.

Globalization and Labor Standards

Website of the Globalization and Labor Standards (GALS) bibliographic database edited by Professor Katherine Van Wezel Stone at the UCLA School of Law. The database is freely available and contains abstracts of articles from English language law journals "exploring international labor standards in the global economy". GALS can be searched by keyword or browsed by subject, author or journal. Subject headings include child labour, corporate accountability, forced labour, the European Union and women's rights. Also available are Books of Interest and Working Papers.