international economics

Chatham House

Chatham House was founded in 1920 (as the Royal Institute of International Affairs) to stimulate debate and research on important developments in the international arena. Its website contains details about the Institute, its members, publications and recent events. Some documents can be viewed online, others are offered to subscribers only. All aspects of British foreign policy and international security are covered, including US foreign policy and the 'war against terrorism' and the Middle-East conflict.

Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG)

The Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG) is is a Montreal-based independent research and media group of progressive writers, academics and activists who are critical of globalisation and the New World Order. In their view, globalisation and war are connected and lead to a concentration of private wealth. This site exposes the activities of global banks, financial institutions and multinationals. There are articles on the latest news events. There are archives of earlier news articles and links to other websites with similar sympathies to CRG.