Association of African Law Library and Information Professionals

The Association of African Law Library and Information Professionals connects African legal information professionals and legal information institutions across Africa. Their aim is to support legal research and promote legal information awareness across the continent by building up a network of individual and institutional members. The website contains information about the association and their aims, membership information and a blog with the latest news about AfLLIP, as well as the latest developments in legal information across Africa.

World Association for Medical Law

Website of the World Association for Medical Law (WAML) an organisation established in 1967 to “encourage the study and discussion of health law, legal medicine and ethics, for the benefit of society and the advancement of human rights”. WAML is a membership organisation based at the University of Ghent in Belgium. It organises regular conferences and events and publishes Medicine and Law an international journal dealing with medico legal issues. There is also a newsletter available from 2009 to 2014 (thereafter available to members only). A page of related web links is also given.

Plenary of Presidents of Greek Bar Associations

The Plenary is the umbrella organisation for Greek bar associations. The website describes the structure and functions of the Plenary, in English, and gives details of the sixty-plus bar associations, including links to their websites and a separate lists of their newsletters and magazines. It also provides a searchable database of lawyers, in Greek, as well as the Code of Lawyers, the Deontology Code of Lawyers, and the Charter of Core Principles of the European Legal Profession, also in Greek.

Greek Association of Law & Economics

The Greek Association of Law & Economics was established in 2002. It is a network for academics, students, practitioners, economists and social scientists interested in the economic analysis of law. The Director is Aristides Hatzi, Associate Professor at the University of Athens. The website gives details of conferences, seminars and courses concerning law and economics.

Public Access Bar Association

The Public Access Bar Association (PABA) represents the interests of barristers in England and Wales who offer direct services to the public. The website provides information for the public about what kind of work a barrister does and the kinds of situations where barristers may be instructed directly. Also available is the associations constitution and a list of PABA office holders.

European Consortium for Church and State Research

The European Consortium for Church and State Research is an organisation of academics from across Europe with an interest in ecclesiastical law. The purpose of the Consortium is to promote the “development of studies of Ecclesiastical Law and of the relations between states and religious confessions in Europe”. The Consortium holds annual meetings the proceedings of which are made available on the site. Meetings in recent years have focused on law and religion in the workplace, religious adjudication and the state and public authorities and the training of religious personnel in Europe.

Free Access to Law Movement (FALM)

The Free Access to Law Movement is a global association of organisations involved in the free dissemination of legal information, such as the Australasian Legal Information Institute and the British and Irish Legal Information Institute. FALM’s website provides the text of the Declaration on Free Access to Law, minutes of meetings and details of FALM’s ‘Law via the Internet’ conferences. There is also a link to the Journal of Open Access to Law, which is affiliated with FALM.

Pensions for veterans

The ‘Pensions for veterans’ webpage, provides details of service pension and services and is managed by Veterans UK. The webpage is hosted by which is the biggest public service delivery department in the UK and serves over 20 million customers. The site provides current information on the purpose of the body and its structure as well as information on eligibility and other helpful organisations. The site also provides access to publications, statistics and documents.

Commons and Greens

The aim of the Association of Commons Registration Authorities (ACRA) is to support Commons Registration Officers and staff whose work includes all aspects of common land and town and village greens.

European Air Law Association (EALA)

The European Air Law Association (EALA) is a membership body concerned with the study and development of air law in Europe. Members are drawn from academics, industry professionals (airlines, aerospace manufacturers etc.) and national and EU officials. EALA holds regular conferences and seminars focusing on issues relating to all aspects of the air transport sector. Information on events and details of committee members are provided on the site.