Sharia Implementation in Northern Nigeria 1999-2006: A Sourcebook

Web version of "Sharia Implementation in Northern Nigeria 1999-2006: A Sourcebook", by Philip Ostien. The book was published by Spectrum Books in 2007 and provided here on the website of the University of Bayreuth in Germany. The book is arranged into five volumes with the following headings: historical background; Sharia Implementation Committee reports and related white papers; sanitizing society; Sharia penal and criminal procedure codes and two famous cases. Each section is subdivided into chapters.

Annotated Justinian Code

Electronic version of the Annotated Justinian Code by Fred H. Blume (edited by Timothy Kearley). This is an English translation of Justinian's code, taken from the authoritative Latin version, available on the website of the College of Law at the University of Wyoming. Other materials provided on the site include an introduction to the work, an article on the history of the code and a bibliographies of works by and about Justice Blume.

Free Culture

Website providing information about the book 'Free Culture: How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity' by Professor Lawrence Lessig of Stanford Law School. The book was published in 2004 and freely available inf pdf format, under a Creative Commons licence. It looks at the effect of the internet on commercial and non-commercial culture and the increasing regulation that comes with the digitisation of culture. There are sections looking at the concepts of piracy and property and a discussion of the Eldred v.


Europedia is an online information resource based on a book by Nicholas Moussis, a lawyer and former European Commission adviser, called 'Access to European Union: Law, Economics, Policies' . The aim of Europedia is to provide a 'roadmap of the European Union' with the focus on common policies and European integration.

Tax Law Design and Drafting: volumes 1 and 2

Online version of "Tax Law Design and Drafting", edited by Victor Thuronyi, on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) website. The book is published by the IMF and provided in two volumes, published in 1996 and 1998. The site gives access to selected chapters from both volumes, in pdf format. Volume 1 looks at tax laws in developed countries and includes chapters covering the legal framework for taxation, drafting tax legislation, regulation of tax professionals, VAT, excises, tax on buildings and land, taxation of wealth and social security taxation.

Antique Rare IP Library e-Treatise Reading Room

Online collection of old intellectual property treatises made freely available on the website of the Franklin Pierce Law Center, an independent law school in the United States. There are currently around 250 books on the site organised under the following headings: general; copyright; patent and trademark books.The books are presented as digital images and can be downloaded in full text PDF. Included in the collection are textbooks, articles, speeches, laws, digests and judgements. The collection is international in coverage.

Digital Law Online

The Digital Law Online website was established by Professor Lee A. Hollaar of the School of Computing at the University of Utah. The site contains a full text, online version of Professor Hollaar's 2002 book, "Legal Protection of Digital Information." The book is based on lecture notes for a course in computer law and deals with copyright and patent law focusing on how current law protects software and other digital works. The emphasis is on US law.