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Sunulex is a subscription-based database of legislation, cases and commentary from French-speaking Africa.

ICC Dispute Resolution Library

Party free, partly fee-based collection of information about dispute resolution by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Covers ICC awards, commentaries, rules, reports, videos, information about events and other material. Although much of the content is restricted to subscribers, non-subscribers can use the Advanced Search facility to look up ICC awards and find out where they have been published (this facility used to be known as ‘ICC awards by case number’).

Internet History Sourcebooks Project

Large collection of historical texts provided by Fordham University in the US, for the benefit of schools, colleges and universities. The Special Resources section includes collections of ancient and medieval legal texts. The ancient legal texts come from the near East, Japan, China, India, Greece and Rome. The medieval texts relate to Jewish law, Islamic law, Roman law, canon law, Germanic law, Continental European law and English law.

Privacy Affairs

The Privacy Affairs website is produced by cyber-security professionals, technology journalists and privacy advocates; its Chief Editor is Joe Robinson. The site provides information, research and advice about data privacy and online security. It includes a collection of research by Privacy Affairs experts, and also provides a set of guides, including 'A Beginners Guide to VPNs- A Complete VPN Guide' and 'How to Use the Internet Privately – Ultimate Guide'.  Profiles of the editorial staff are available on the site.


The website of Epravo, a Czech legal publisher, provides a wide range of Czech legal material, including news, legislation, cases, and articles on various areas of law. The site is available in Czech only.

Maori Legal Archive

The Maori Legal Archive is a collection of digitised documents made freely available by the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. The aim of the collection is to provide an insight into the interaction between the Māori people and the colonial legal system of nineteenth century New Zealand. The documents, which date back to the nineteenth century, are grouped by category and include Māori-language translations of Acts and Bills, speeches of Māori members of Parliament, land deeds, petitions and evidence submitted by Māori to various commissions of inquiry and tribunals.

Differentiating International Terrorism and ‘Peoples’: Struggles for Self-Determination

Online article exploring the distinction between international terrorism and self-determination, written by Elizabeth Chadwick, a retired British academic and writer. The guide was published in 2019 on the Globalex website and made freely available by the Hauser Global Law School Program at the New York University School of Law. The article looks at how the terms ‘terrorism’  and ‘self determination’ have been defined and includes a bibliography of relevant sources. Links are given to online resources where available. 

The Human Right to Education Research with an Annotated Bibliography

Online article and bibliography on the human right to education written by Jootaek Lee who is  assistant professor and librarian at Rutgers Law School in the United States. The article was published in 2021 on the Globalex website and made freely available by the Hauser Global Law School Program at the New York University School of Law. The article looks at international instruments relating to the right to education and includes an annotated bibliography of articles, reports and other materials aimed at scholars and practitioners.