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I propose to present the beginning of a larger (book) project which I hope to pursue in the coming years. In this project I seek to analyse the social question in a transnational context. The aim of my presentation is twofold: first, to discuss the nature of the social question and second, to analyse who governs the social question in a transnationalising space. The topic is of importance because the current political climate is a constant reminder that that the success of democratic societies depends on finding an answer to the social question. I therefore begin this paper by reflecting on my approach to the social question. Although often discussed in the context of equality, I examine the social question through the lens of dignity. By shifting the focus from “justice” to “humiliation”, this approach has important implications for the study of the social question. I then turn to the transnationalisation of space in order to examine who is responsible for – in other words, what political level or entity ought to respond to – the social question.  It is my contention that the answer to this question is determined by the level of integration achieved through transnationalisation—i.e., the nature or degree of organisation within the transnationalised space. 

Dr Clemens Rieder studied law and political science at the Universities of Innsbruck, Notre Dame and Reading. He has worked at the Universities of Reading and Lancaster and is currently based at Queen’s University Belfast, where he teaches EU law.

Speaker: Dr Clemens Rieder, Queen's University Belfast

Chair: Professor Carl Stychin, IALS Director

This event is free to attend, but booking is required. It will be held online with details about how to join the virtual event being circulated via email to registered attendees in advance.