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The lecture focus on the role of the individual as a subject of European Union law. It explains the rights and standing of the individual before courts who have jurisdiction to deal with EU law as well as the rights related to free movement and settlement. The first part of the lecture is dedicated to the nature EU law within the context of international and local law as a sui generis legislation. It then evolves into how the individual is a participant in both the enactment an enforcement of EU law. Reference is made to the citizen’s access to the European Parliament and the MEPs as well as the national courts necessary to interpret and apply EU law in the domestic context. In this part it is necessary that the citizen understands the relationship between the domestic courts and the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU). The third part of the lecture deals with the access of EU institutions in particular direct access to the CJEU by the private citizen. Here brief reference is made to the notion of locus standi for actions of annulment under Art 263 TFEU as well as access to the European Ombudsman. The final part of the lecture is dedicated to free movement and to the rights of third country nationals in EU member states. The lecture does not focus on UK law post-Brexit or on Brexit itself but deals with British citizens’ rights in EU countries in particular as potential third country permanent residence in the EU.

The event is intended to be a collaboration between the University of Malta and the IALS also under the umbrella of the contributions Associate Fellows make to the IALS. The lecturer is a recipient of a Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Malta. The project is about EU citizens and individuals, their rights under EU law, hence the subject of the lecture. While the project is mainly implemented at the University of Malta, it does provide for outreach at other universities in Europe irrespective as to whether these are located within the EU or in third countries. As part of the fellowship opportunity with the IALS, the IALS is listed within the programme as one of the potential beneficiaries of this project.

After Brexit the EU remains a topic of interest to the UK irrespective of the way the relation continues to evolve. Hence the lecture is of interest to both British citizens and international students studying in the UK. The lecture is purely from a legal perspective and does not discusses any political issues. 

The topic fits the strategic plan and is a way to understand the legal implications of current affairs. It is of general interest and goes beyond academia. It discusses EU citizens and individual rights from a practical perspective. 

Speaker: Dr Ivan Sammut – Associate Professor University of Malta and Associate Fellow IALS