CANCELLED: Making science and law work together: Skills for drafting legislation for agriculture, food safety and environmental protection

CANCELLED: Making science and law work together: Skills for drafting legislation for agriculture, food safety and environmental protection
16 Jul 2018, 10:00 to 20 Jul 2018, 16:00
Short Course
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, 17 Russell Square, London WC1B 5DR


This course has been CANCELLED

Making science and law work together

Skills for drafting of legislation for agriculture, food safety and environmental protection

A five-day professional course 

The Course

The course aims to start or continue the development of skills in the critical evaluation of existing legislation and the drafting of new or amended legislation in the broad areas of agriculture, food regulation and environmental protection. It is directed not only towards lawyers who would like insight into review and drafting of legislation in these specialised sectors but also technical experts and administrators working in public and private bodies and development organisations who encounter legislation in the course of their work. By bringing together lawyers and non-lawyers in this way, the course will help demystify the legislative drafting process as frequently perceived. The emphasis will be on legal skills that facilitate the effective incorporation of science and risk assessment into sectoral legislation.

The morning sessions will be devoted to seminars, the afternoons to practical exercises. Detailed content, particularly in practical sessions, will be tailored to suit the professional background and experience of individual participants but focusing on current issues of importance such as Brexit and trade agreements.

Course leader and principal tutor: Dr Robert Black, MA, LLM, PhD, FHEA

Formerly Principal Scientist (Regulatory Affairs) and then Reader in Law at the University of Greenwich until 2006, Rob Black has been teaching part-time since 2011 on food law and sanitary and phytosanitary regulation in accordance with World Trade Organisation norms, and environmental law at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Medway Campus of the University of Greenwich, continuing consultancy work related to international trade in agricultural products and exploring the biosecurity implications of Brexit. He combines expert scientific knowledge of the agricultural and environmental sectors with in-depth experience of reviewing and drafting legislation in many countries in Africa, Eastern Europe, Caribbean and Former Soviet Union (his current focus) as well as professional training in law and regulation.

Topics Covered

• International sources for national legislation relevant for agriculture, food and environmental protection and mode of adoption in national legislation
• The legislative process
• Interpretation of scientific terms as the key to effective legislation in the study area.
• Embracing science and risk in agricultural legislation. Is such legislation fit for purpose, does it conform to international normative standards?
• Drafting techniques – primary and secondary legislation - embracing science and risk.
• Implications for Brexit
• Choosing drafting style and format appropriate for the purpose of legislation
• Amendment of legislation
• Reflections on rules for interpretation and drafting
• Multi-lingual legislation

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